Philosophy – Promotion Day



Note; I’m Secondary Head at SMAC so I’m not a full time worker here, I’ll make the odd post though.  *Reposted from SMAC*
Here comes another of Adro3’s magnificent philosophy posts. Read on before you explode with excitement…


Yes, promotion day. It’s the day most soldiers crave, noobs, boys and girls. We love it! What is it? It’s the day when troops get promoted for attending events and for being generally active. Armies usually hold this day once a month and soldiers can’t wait for it.


 In the past, promotion day used to be an extremely big thing for troops that were under Owner ranks. They dreamed of being in charge of the army and the sense of respect that they would earn at the top. Soldiers nowadays only seem to log on to CP events for promotions. They don’t care about the army or their enemy, they care about promotions they may gain by taking up time to logon to Club Penguin.


It’s sadly true, the only thing soldiers care about is their rank. Why? In most Top 10 armies, it has been proven that unless you are an owner rank, your opinion will count for nothing and you will have very little chance to lead. I know that sometimes leaders are too much of a dictator and less of a ‘role model’ they should be. And, I understand that the higher your rank, the more chance you have of becoming a moderator or owner. Think about this, though, army leaders: Would you really rather have moderators that attempt to raise troops self-esteem, contribute ideas and are knowledgable when it comes to leading–or would you rather have lazy moderators that only get on Club Penguin in hope of gaining a promotion? I’ll let you think about that one, maybe this is a major reason as to why armies aren’t as good as they used to be.


 Troops aren’t as loyal. From loyalty comes success, which not many armies are experiencing these days.

“If a man does his best, what else is there?” -General George Patton Jr.

This quote sums it up nicely, you can only do your best. If you do your best and have quality, you should be awarded with a promotion. Not for logging onto CP for 15 mins chanting “Turn Green!”


However, there is a new way to promoting. Leaders handing out promotions whenever they feel a troop as performed exceptionally well, rather than setting a specific date for a whole bundle of promitions. It has two benefits, ONE, it keeps the troops active and hard-working regularly as they know they may earn a promotion for it. TWO, it evens out the ranks. Two soldiers are the highest moderator rank both may get promoted into 3ic, thus starting an argument as to who gets the one available 3ic spot. The one promotion at a time means that one mod will get promoted and say that one 3ic retires a few weeks later. This leaves a spot available for the other highest mod.

This could prevent alot of arguments and coups over rank confusion. With more active troops, armies will grow back to the time when at best medium armies may have gained sizes of 20-25 and when World Power armies had 70 on CP. I truly believe this new promotion system is miles better than the set date one and I’d encourage armies to think about the loyalty of the troops.(which is highly important!)


 So, promotion-crazy soldiers. Think about your actions, be loyal and don’t just care about how high you are on the ranks or what colour you chat icon is, blue, silver or gold.

If you don’t take care, we may pay the ultimate sacrifice some day ; CP Armies dying out.


We don’t want this to happen, do we?

From me and all the staff at SMAC, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your presents and remember the reason for Christmas. Have fun! 🙂


~Adro3 SMAC Secondary Head

4 Responses

  1. Didn’t you post this on SMAC?


  2. Yeah, it’s reposted on here too


  3. nice post dude your making a good point


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