Christmas Bells, Those Christmas Bells…

…Rang out from the land. Asking peace of all the world, and good will to man.

And so this is Christmas. After a year of DDoSings, World Wars, rises and falls, controversies and coups, hatred, fury, and many, many things that have changed our world, it’s time to step back and see this big picture. Because though this has been a year of hatred, with armies constantly trying to destroy each other, it has also been a time of change and rising. Never before has competition been so fierce. No longer do one of two superpowers dominate the land, instead, each week the Top Ten is nearly a toss-up.

And though some will say armies are falling, I say otherwise. Before the ceasefire, yes, we hit an all time low. But after those few weeks of recruiting and rebuilding, we are rising and stronger than ever. Armies aren’t falling, the recruits just have more choices now. That’s why no army has 60+ anymore, they simply can no longer dominate recruiting like that.

So now in this holiday season, let’s all step back and take a look. Together, we’ve put armies back on the path to success. We are on the rise again, stronger and with more competition than ever. In a few days, the ceasefire will be over, and undoubtedly, the war and hatred will commence once more. But even in the times of war, let’s try to remember where we were, where we came back from, because we are undoubtedly better off.


Even in war, there can be friendship. This is what armies are truly about. We fight, we hate, but in the end we are friends through it all, because we fight for the fun of it, not for the hatred. And with a new year just around the corner, let’s make this our own pledge. Let’s make armies what they were truly supposed to be; a community. This is a time to think back on the year, and make the next one better. So let’s do just that.

As I write this, it’s snowing outside; the first White Christmas we’ve had in many a year. Maybe that’s a sign to us to; after a year of nonsense, craziness, and hatred, things can still go right, and things are looking up for us.

So here’s to us this Christmas, to a new year, and to the rise of Club Penguin Armies.





And so this is Christmas,

And what’ve you done?

Another year over,

And a new one’s just begun.

6 Responses

  1. Armies won’t be dying out sooner or later. We can all consider ourselves as family, and right before Christmas we’ve pulled ourselves together. There couldn’t have been a happier moment in CP than today. (cry)


  2. true, so very true.


  3. This comment has been edited by a site administrator. I think it would be nice to retain the Christmas cheer on this site and not have Ziro ruin it.


  4. Test




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