Shadow Troops : Coming Back?

Good day to you all readers.
After many weeks of silence from Shadow Troops, they’ve finally posted something. Yes, indeed, they posted something what I call peculiar. Meaning it took me some time to interpret what Zitrosity meant. To find out more, continue reading.

Just two days ago (Dec. 19th 2012), Zitrosity posted some kind of come back or lets say semi-rasing spirits kind of post. Among what she explained was what improvements Shadow Troops was to face.
The tone – somewhat harsh,rash and aggressive.
Central idea: to raise the spirits of the troops.

Well, I’ll explain every paragraph just so you can get it.

Hello Shadow Troops,

Today we shall start a new army. New Ranks. New everything. I’m going to be showing the changes that will lead us to 1st and keep us their for a long time. We need to cut off all the distractions because Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

Today we need to start off fresh. Shadow Troops won’t be like any other army. We will have 7 owners MAX and 17 moderators MAX. I will be handpicking the moderators, so be super active.

None of that really involves YOU. The Troops who keep this army going. Well this is going to sound crazy but you can ONLY be in Shadow Troops. If you’re in another army, I suggest you quit it. (You have to do this by December 23rd 2013).

The reason of why such being said? I guess, after not being able to revive ST successfully multiple times, I guess the only way out is to get troops who aren’t in any other army (besides ST). I guess, if it’s  the true re-birth of ST  they want, they start now. They really seem to be getting their spirits up and going. Well, they really need some kind of moral – not going up and down, dead and alive, they keep this up, they’re going to be DEAD in no time.

Isolation is going to be on lockdown. Ban Any foreign influence. Anyone from other armies will be banned. Moderators, if I catch you not banning anyone in other armies, you will be given a warning twice and then the third strike is a strikeout.

Foreign Policy: If you do anything to threaten Shadow Troops, you will be attacked. We don’t take sorry for an answer and your army will be killed no matter how large or how small it is. We shall not fear anyone and we will take on the whole army community if necessary.

Now this, this is just too much out of the line! Banning everyone from any other army. If that’s going to be done, how will ST survive without any allies? Without allies, every army would die in just a matter of days. Without them, one army cannot take another army down. Now, if ST were to do this, what would happen. By my predictions, if they manage to get 30+ in a week, they’ll live but if they don’t, they’re seriously going to have to re-consider their rules and regulations. Isolation is what is really being meant here. I guess, isolation is the way to go? No way. Isolation won’t do anything. You have to work together and then go on.

We shall be picking a target each month so if you’re an army, I suggest you watch out. We shall start this next month during 2013. If you’re on our hitlist I suggest you get off because we won’t spare you.

Lastly, to the troops. Stay as active as possible, I realize we have had lots of leadership changes but your job is easy. Be the best troop you can be and most importantly have fun!

To conclude, a very intriguing, yet puzzling way to begin. First of all, in my opinion, ST shouldn’t go out saying, stuff regarding declaring war just as yet. They should get their troops ready and then go on. Taking such steps in’t the way to go – it’s always better to go one step backward and then go one step forward. Yes, what I mean by this is, if they improve on their weak points then they can do anything they want. I say, they should stop being harsh and aggressive, nobody’s going to join then. You have to be calm and then go on. I wanted to have an interview with their leader, but ver the two days, I couldn’t find anyone, so, bear with that. Tell us your opinion, what do you think about this post?

CPAC Reporter



Trying to act like a Smooth Criminal eh?


17 Responses

  1. well they seem really organized but there putting out strict rules, i mean nobody is going to focus on one army thats just getting sizes of say 5 to ten again people want alot of action so theyre going to join armies like DW IW and AR you know


  2. NW had this policy and they got 40+ every time when Ven and Tomb led, back in ‘ol ’10. NW didn’t really have allies either, the Nachos just wanted to Battle ACP.


    • Btw, do I know you?


    • You’re right. I adopted founded/adopted the “One Man Army” rule under my leadership. My idea was original, but I’m not sure if it had been utilized prior. NW was however the only successful army to implement this and have such widespread success. We were unique in this regard.


  3. Ziro’s policies will lead ST to the ground


  4. you like being a smooth criminal dont you pikachu


  5. First off, I’m a guy.
    Next. Harsh and Aggressive. Lmao the Troops love us.
    Read Foreign policy: We will attack anyone. We’re not afraid.
    Who needs allies when you have swag? Jk. We dont need allies. In a few months we will be able to take the whole army community


  6. You don’t make any sense, Pikachu. You have never lead a sucessful CP army, nor will you. Also, ST was number one at the time with isolation in place. Your argument in this post has been rendered INVALID by me and others.


    • Isolation was also put into effect so that the leaders of other armies did not steal troops from the Shadow Troops. Go back to being an IW member or whatever and get off CPAC.


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