DW vs IW: The Recruiting Battle

Recruiting. Recruiting is important to all armies, if you don’t recruit, then you don’t get new troops, and if you don’t get new troops, you don’t get a strong army. Currently, there is two big recruiting armies, and of course we all know who they are, and there would be a massive recruiting battle between them.

Dark Warriors


Ice Warriors

Dark Warriors

The Dark Warriors are currently ranked 1st on the top ten, and obviously deserve it. The Dark Warriors maxed around 45 – 50 at the CPAC round 2 (before they got raided by the Purple Republic) and averaged sizes of 30. Due to the falls of armies this year, this is amazing. The only armies who currently got that sizes for the past months were the Nachos (only once) and the Ice Warriors (multiple of times). The Dark Warriors has 4 leaders, SaW, xiUnknown, Khimo and Pufpuf103. Now, when you look at the leadership, you can obviously know why the Dark Warriors are getting such amazing sizes. SaW is an amazing recruiter. When he recruits, he is cannot be stopped. He can get Dark Warriors a full chat within minutes, with the power of his recruiting skills. Next is xiUnknown. In october, he led Dark Warriors by HIMSELF, and got them 3rd on the top 10 on the first week of their return. They averaged sizes of 15 – 30 in all of their events, which is pretty amazing for only one person to do. Now, let’s combine xiUnknown and SaW’s recruiting skills, once you done that you get this:


Big, Strong, and Powerful.

Ice Warriors

Now, around 2 months ago, Ice Warriors were the centre of attention. They were ”the new ACP” as people said. They always had full chats, even if the Americans were at school. They got over 30+ at every event, and was probably couldn’t be stopped. Everyone pretty much admired Ice Warriors, how they got so big even though armies were falling and struggling to even get sizes of 20. 

They even went to war with the Light Troops, however it didn’t turn out well due to Ioioluk disliking how Iceyfeet1234 recruited for Ice Warriors. Ioioluk then showed in a huge post, exposing Iceyfeet of how he recruits for Ice Warriors. People thought it was cheating, when others thought it was OK. On the post, Ioioluk showed pictures of Iceyfeet banning him on Riffy chat (since icey is close friends with Riffy) and how Icey had control of the Riffy chat. Posts were made on CPAC about it, then a little flame war was going on. However, everyone soon forgot about it, or allowed it to sink it and deal with it. 

Yes, the Ice Warriors were huge due to Iceyfeet using Riffy chat and his twitter, and it was allowed. Ice Warriors is still strong, but they’re currently 4th on the top 10, while Dark Warriors is 1st.

My Opinion

I know this would be a big recruiting war, since the Ice Warriors have a huge advantage due to the party being about ice, but the Dark Warriors have power recruiters, and SaW did a huge post explaining to the troops on how to recruit, and giving them tips and chats to recruit on. The top 10’s will be interesting, as Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors will be battling for the number one spot on the top 10. Other armies will be recruiting too, and with Golden Troops returning on the 21st, who knows who would be first on the top 10?


5 Responses

  1. “Everyone pretty much admired Ice Warriors” we know you didnt 😉


  2. ice warriors are working on getting stronger, but its not like these two armies are going to war. IW signed the treaty they cant be attack.


  3. Staggering graphics produced by Waterkid.


  4. The “Big Strong and Powerful” Pic, for DW’s formation looks like a butt.
    Also, In my opinion, DW and IW will be the top 2 armies, with them sometimes tying, or sometimes IW/DW falling down to 2nd. Really, they’re going to be the powerhouse armies over this period of time.


  5. Icey never used Riffy’s twitter. Haven’t you ever read my posts?


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