Riot Journals [Week Six]


A word used so much these days in the CP Army Community. Loyalty has since shrunk it’s meaning down to “Don’t Quit for some BS Reason”, since multiple people are in multiple armies at the same time. Being in several armies can affect one’s loyalty status, having to miss the Woton Warrior’s War with the Derp Dynasty to go to the Bluesockwa Hater’s Association’s Training event instead.

Now, in real armies, wouldn’t that be called Betrayal?

Well, certain armies really don’t care. But they will when the dreaded time comes when 20% of their army is fighting for the other side. Loyalty is asked on every “Join” page their is, mostly being the 5th or 6th question.

“Will You Remain Loyal to the Bluesockwa Hater’s Association?”

Odds are, most people say “Yes” to join, then state “Yes” on the next site they go to.

That’s almost Stage One of Army Hopping.

However, the meaning of loyalty matters on what army you want to join. Some armies will say that means you come on chat almost every day (at least) and not to join any other armies (not really enforced), while others say it means you’re free to join other armies until it becomes to a fact that you’re actually missing their events not to real life, but to the other army. Basically, be at the right chat at the right time.

However, loyalty can lead to betrayal in a matter of minutes, with you deciding to ditch the Derp Dynasty to get a higher job at the Woton Warriors.

Oh my god, Becky, look at her —

Moving along. The point of loyalty is to make sure rival armies don’t get, well, their troops.

Confusing? Not really. Being unloyal brings chaos among all of us. It eventually leads to army hopping, the unloyal troops repeatedly going to different armies for higher stats and authority.

 So, if you gave a brand new recruit, say 7 or 8 years old (forget the commercials when the baby doesn’t want the more money for a second), and gave them a choice between high member rank and low mod rank, and then from low mod to medium mod. I don’t think kids are that stupid.

Now, multiply this one kid by how many low recruits are here today, not to mention the few owner ranked leaders who float around. We get a whole lower class and a bit of the higher class [insert pun here] randomly floating around the army caste system from one army to the next. If you’ve been in more than nine armies in a week, you’re unloyal, in technical terms.

 Most army hoppers either skip around because of ranks (positions), glory, or another total random reason, such as a rivalry within an army.

So, within our glorious army community is the all-respected, or all-well forgotten term of loyalty. How long does loyalty last in this creative virtual world?  If loyalty is ever put to the test, we’d see a rapidly growing amount of Army Hopping.

Now to some interviews.

Ganger90, SWAT/GT

I will be Blue

He Will be Red

What are your opinions on army hoppers?

I dont like army hopping, and for some sranfe reason even I’ve been accused for “army hopping”. I dont like or encourage shifting from army to army, I’ve stayed primarily within GT and SWAT most of my career. Army hoppers are not a good influence and have not caused good things in the army world.

Name three reasons why you think people army hop

Reason one: basically to bandwagon to the bigger army, but not neccesarily the better army. Reason two: to be apart of something bigger. Reason 3: to get bigger and better benefits from just being involved in a bigger army, and if they have a good rank they can use it for their resume for experience in other armies

if there was a symbol for the term army hop, what do you think it would be?

Hmm…I’d say the kangaroo (wink)

Thanks for your time

_ _ _

Darth Proditor

I am This Color

He is That Color

What are your opinions on army hoppers?

I do not support army hopping, As it hurts overall army stability, in my opinions. it should only be done if necessary. Keep in mind I don’t consider army hopping the same as joining multiple armies. I am referring more to leader ranks who seem to army hop.

Name three reasons why you think people army hop.

They do not have true dedication, they are not passionate and lured easily, and that they have too many friends to stay loyal.

if there was a symbol for the term army hop, what do you think it would be?

 I would probably think of a circle. A self-deteriorating one, that is.

Thank you for your time. 

Thank you.

– – –

Mach, UMA

I be this

He be that

What are your opinions on army hoppers?

I feel it is one of the most dissapointing things that happens in club penguin armies it is shameful

Name three reasons why you think people army hop.

power, respect, and experience, even thought the amount of armies you’ve been in matters, its the loyalty that really matters. when people army hop, they dont get any of that

If there was a symbol for the term army hop, what do you think it would be?

A hurricane (wink)

Thank you for your time.

As the century-old grandfather clock strikes past midnight on a woeful afternoon of basically stalling, and of course doing absolutely nothing, I bid the farewell.

Comment What YOU Think The Symbol (an Animal, Person, Coat of Arms, etc.) for the Term “Army Hop” Would Be

Squirrel Productions 2012

6 Responses

  1. By Hurricane, I meant Hurricanex1. Also, army hopping is defined by people like Hurr and Np3000.
    Side note: Pain is not an army hopper, to army hop, you leave on your own will. Armies kick Pain out. Difference much? 😉


  2. I think Machi s a boss.




  4. army hoppers = np, hurricane, pain, waterkid (he joins several armies for leader), Khimo used to be one and others (scott)


  5. I can name about all of CP Warfare’s army hoppers.

    Anyway, if there was to be true loyalty, armies would max only 15+ due to people being only in 1 army.


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