SWAT – Facing death?

As Del reported around four days ago, the Special Weapons and Tactics army had declared war on the rising Dark Warriors. With DW  receiving first in the 12/9/12 edition of the top 10, many presumed that SWAT were almost committing suicide by this act, and of course there was the odd opinion that this war would be a tight one. But what really happened?

The war itself turned out to be one of the shortest wars ever between two top five armies, as Ganger90, SWAT leader at the time surrendered the war to the Dark Warriors shortly before the first scheduled battle. This was then followed by a Ganger90 retirement, and most of the army jumped to the conclusion that the end was nigh, and boy, were they right.

With Ganger’s departure, an immediate power struggle had taken place, with Crazy being the only recognized US leader, as Reece is in the GMT time zone. This led to many owner ranks following Ganger out of SWAT, including Reece himself, due to SWAT losing their main figurehead.

Shortly after Ganger had announced the end of the war, and his retirement, Firestar, a SWAT LiT at the time had made a post titled “What have we become?” It had included a poem, seemingly describing the recent events of SWAT, such as the army being defaced and betrayed.

Prior to the war with the Dark Warriors, the SWAT had already been defaced around 4 times in one week, and this raised concerns about SWAT’s security, and fingers were being pointed at Ganger90 for his method of keeping “legends” editor on the website. This has caused SWAT to lose all posts up until August 2012, including the month of November, where SWAT had supposedly hit their second golden age, lead by xiunknown, Spiderguy, Ganger90, Reece, and Cul.

Only today, was it announced, that Waterkid100, longtime Pirates leader would be returning to SWAT as leader, attempting to save SWAT from this deep depression. Waterkid was quoted with the following:

Greetings SWAT,

I know you guys are in great depression. Reece and Ganger has left, spi has defaced the site, and you got new leaders. However, Ziro has been couped, and I shall be replacing him. I will be leading SWAT to victory, I will make sure SWAT get’s 20+ once again. I remember the golden age when Spi, Unk, Reece and Ganger was leading, good times. However that time has gone now, as we’re in SWAT’s greatest depression. I will be building the UK division, and Crazy and Kludd will handle the US division.

I promise you guys this,


Waterkid seems to be confident that SWAT will pull themselves out of this rut, trusting in his fellow leaders Crazy and Kludd to rebuild the US division, whilst he works on the UK division. There is also the possibility that there will be more names added to the helm of SWAT, due to there being a “Massive Leader Election” stickied on SWAT’s site, which can be found HERE

My P.O.V 

I believe SWAT will pull them selves out of this, with the expense of Waterkid’s experience, but they will suffer a similar fate as they did here, when Waterkid decides to leave SWAT aswell. However, only time will tell if I am right or not.

What do you think? Was Ganger right in leaving SWAT? Will they get back up from this?


15 Responses

  1. Noice post


  2. They’re going to fall like mad w/o Spi, Ganger, and Reece. I highly doubt they’ll ever regain their glory as a #1 CPAC army at this rate.


  3. i thought water was going to retire from pirates and focus on another wbesite


  4. I was spying on swat for dw on the day of grangers retirement. and boy was swats chat insane!


  5. What happened to Kludd?


  6. Ganger is SWAT’s Icey


  7. With having experience of being in SWAT (I’m mod), I honestly think it would take allot to fill Gangers shoes although SWAT are getting there.
    The other day when they were considering a name change I thought it was completely senseless as SWAT is one of the best recruiting names for an army (in my mind).


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