Results of Day 2, Round 2

The Purple Republic Raid

The first battle was in all honesty, Hell. We started off with ACP and DW arguing, then PR came in and screwed up stuff attacking everyone, even asking me for an interview. In the end, after an hour and a half of chaos, we figured out who won and It was DW, with 25 troops managing to get on compared to ACP’s 15.

The only Picture I got of the battle, thanks to dealing with UMA/Nachos and lag.

These are the losers themselves, throwing a party in a poor kid’s igloo.

UMA vs Nachos

After the hell of PR, this battle went quite nicely. Not as large, sadly, but still quite impressive. UMA dominated the battle size wise, but faltered in tactics at first. Nachos did many tactics but looked unorganized throughout the battle with them. In the end, even though we saw much use of multilogin from the Nachos that we didn’t want to deal with, UMA won.

They love me over at UMA

Disorganized from both ends, it is hard to see who is who.

A bomb from the Mafia, though they did forget to pay the rent to us.

The Nachos try some PR techniques while UMA uses the ACP technique used every time. Clovers.

Most organized the battle was with Nachos and UMA being on different sides of the room making a nice oval.

7 Responses

  1. Nice.


  2. good fight, couldnt make it


  3. “multilogin from the Nachos” tbh 3 armies I’ve joined in 2012 have asked me to do this.


  4. multilogin from the Nachos? Lolwut?


  5. The Nachos just had a bad day, along with their chat getting delisted that day, as well as leaders being absent from the battle. And they didn’t lose by much. With all those factored, the Nachos did well actually.


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