GT Returns! …again

Good day/evening to the readers of the wonderful news site you are currently reading.  I am Ben (aka Surf), a very naughty reporter who has not been reporting recently.  I bring to you today, news of the next Golden Troops (GT) Generation.   The 7th Generation of the Golden Troops will open on Doomsday (Friday, December 21st, 2012).  I will personally take part in this generation, however seeing how they are not yet open, I can’t be “biased” to them.

An unfortunatley small portion of our community remembers the golden days of GT.  This “golden age” was back in August 2011.  For those of you that do remember, I would suggest skimming/skipping the next paragraph.  For those of you who don’t, I will summarize what GT is so you can understand the rest of the post better.

GT was created in late 2009, a merge between Club Penguin Sun Troopers (CPST) and Golden Warriors (GW).  They rose quickly to second before slowly dying off.  The next generation also reached second, before dying off.  The next generation was my personal favorite.  The third generation saw the greatest war GT ever fought, as well as the largest sizes.  Generation 3 reached 1st in the top 10 with sizes of 60+, as well as holding their own in a war against the legendary Army of Club Penguin (ACP).  Some complications with leadership, and accusations of “botting” led to this generation’s fall.  Generation 4 was a failure due to leadership.  Generation 5 saw 7th in the Top 10 as well as a war with Underground Mafias Army (UMA).  The 6th Generation (as far as I know) never even got off the ground.

Generation 3

The current generation will have it’s first event on the day it opens, as well as an event the day after.  They are already receiving large xat sizes and have a large number of people signed up for the generation.  The current “ranks draft” has 38 soldiers, but after talking to one of the leaders, GT says the next ranks release will have many more than 38.

Current Generation

This generation has been receiving join comments for the past 2 months, slowly building up so they could start off strong.  In the last 2 weeks, comments have been coming in more often as the word spreads and the re-opening draws near. 22 people have commented on the event post, which is again amazing for an army who hasn’t opened yet.

(A note to GFX Makers, GT is looking for free graphics.)

G7 Trivia

  • The new generation has 5 leaders.
  • GT has a complete constitution.
  • 3/5 leaders are from the first generation.
  • 4/5 have led GT before
  • This generation has been building since October 2012

And so my post draws to an end, thanks for reading.

22 Responses

  1. First


  2. Excellent post.


  3. There is no doomsday.
    It will be another normal day except for the internet.


  4. Even if GT has so much troops, I doubt they will get so many as the all say they will.


  5. Groovy.


  6. stop promoting your stupid army, this is the 2nd post on cpac about gt. -.-


  7. ” I will personally take part in this generation, however seeing how they are not yet open, I can’t be “biased” to them.” You have a warped logic.


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