Expanding our Community! Big Recruitment Plan! (army leaders should read)

Blue1: Purple Republic has been removed from the list of participating armies. To see the reasons behind this and CPAC’s stance on the Purple Republic, see the Live Blog Feed on the home page.

Hi there!

I’m Lenco, you may know me as the Metal Warriors leader, but never mind that. This is my first time ever to be writing on CPAC! I am just here to share my plan with you guys about expanding our Club Penguin Warfare Community.

As you all already know, armies are on a dramatic fall this year, but I think they started to rise once again. The big problem in our community is that the players aren’t interested in the warfare anymore. The second problem is that we don’t do recruiting as much as we did last years. Army leaders use chat recruiting, but chat recruiting isn’t very helpful. It is fast and you can get people to your army website fast, but almost all chat recruiters don’t stay in the army they joined more then a week.

So here is my idea, how we can get more people to join armies. We will need lots of armies to join this event! Here is an example how the big recruitment will work:

1. We need at least 10 armies to sign up for this event.

2. Armies will log on to 3 bar and 4 bar servers.

3. Army1 will be in Town, Army2 in Snow Forts, Army3 in Plaza and so on. Let’s say 5 armies will be on one server and 5 on another server. After about 20 minutes, armies will change servers.

4. Regular players will waddle from room to room and they will get interested because they will see armies in every room.

5. All armies will have to do their best recruiting so players would join their army. But remember that it doesn’t matter what army people join, we just have to expand our army community.

6. We can do this once in a week or two weeks.

So if you are an army leader and you want your army to participate in this event, sign up in the comments with the following information:

1. Army name:

2. Army website link:

3. Army chat link:

I hope this works guys!

Armies participating:

Metal Warriors


24 Responses

  1. This is dumb, exactly what Icey tried but It FAILED


  2. Well this won’t work AT THIS TIME since World War 6 is carrying on


    • ik, we don’t have to do it NOW


    • Water, It isn’t all about killing ACP 24/7 BA’s purpose was to weaken them but not destroy, we know it’s impossible to destroy them through conventional means. You’re blind to the fact that you keep on trying through conventional means. Think like an actual military, gain Strength until you can overwhelm the enemy. We keep on trying the same thing over and over and over again. If you keep on trying the same thing. Then you never accomplish anything. Just tell me 1 thing that any other alliance hadn’t done different than us. You have to think different to accomplish your goals.


  3. I think it is a good idea.


  4. Seems like a good idea.


  5. I like this idea dude!

    1. Republic name: Purple Republic
    2. Army website link: Steam Engine
    3. Army chat link: Steam Engine


  6. I guess we can give it a try. It’s better to try than twiddling our thumbs.
    1. Army name: Pretzels
    2. Army website link: http://www.thepretzelsarmy.com
    3. Army chat link: http://xat.com/thepretzelscp


  7. Lmao you actually put PR on the post… This isn’t going to help.


  8. Better than doing nothing at all, btw Lenco good job on getting into CPAC i’m proud of my Croatian friend ;D


  9. I think this could work, nice ideas Lenco and I hope we can get some new recruits.


  10. Great idea!!!


  11. Groo-vay!


  12. 1. Army name: Cabin Defenders
    2. Army website link: http://cpcabindefenders.wordpress.com
    3. Army chat link: http://xat.com/cpcabindefenders


  13. I find this very funny that u accepted Purple Republic into the “BIG RECRUITMENT.” They’ll probably try to ruin it


  14. . Army name: Cobra of CP

    2. Army website link: http://clubpenguincobra.wordpress.com

    3. Army chat link: xat.com/cobraofcp


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