Results of Day 1, Round 2

Today was meh with 2 surrenders.

Ice Warriors vs Shadow Troops

Ice Warriors won with a Surrender from the ST leaders.

5 minutes before the battle, Ice Warriors have many while ST has 2.

2 minutes before the battle PR comes in with 4 bots to try ruining the battle.

Army Republic vs Metal Warriors vs Purple Republic

So the battle was easy. Army Republic won With the surrender of Metal Warriors, Also PR tried interfering with the fight for some reason. Won’t they learn to not be so pathetic?

Assaulting Judges? Really?

Can’t even see AR, Thanks Purple Idiots.

 – Tap Dancer36

Side Note: For all you wondering, I use Chrome for CP since it has a better chance of loading on my computer than. I went to chrome://chrome/settings/ in chrome and under advanced settings changed my font to Comic Sans. For Firefox, head to options and go to content. You may have to go to user defined in order to get your font.

4 Responses

  1. The first sentence summarizes both battles. Except for the PR flash mobs.


  2. How do you get Comic Sans in CP?


  3. Purple Republic forever. 😀


  4. lol


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