Purple Republic Returns – Is a response necessary?



You heard it here, the group of brazilian purple traitors, and the most known anti-CP group to the CP army world and to CP itself have returned. In pursuit to destroy and troll CP warfare, the Purple Republic, created by Violantealetta, have been showing up at numerous army events. Two of the most known ones being the ACP event, where Nachos came on chat before to warn them about PR’s massive strike against their session, and then the one today which was VCP vs UMA. Now folks, is a response to these purple traitors necessary? Or should we let them be and leave them do to their thing? Now most of you might say “YES! GET RID OF THEM! THEY’RE RUINING EVENTS!” and then some of you  might say “NO! Keep them, they’re helping CP armies by destroying them!”,  Yes – a response is necessary because the Purple Republic are defiantly ruining events, and keeping armies from prospering any further than they already have. No – a response is not necessary because CP armies have lasted too long, and need to be destroyed now. In my opinion, No – a response is not necessary. They’ll eventually die out again if we leave them be.

Now PR doesn’t realize this, but by raiding events and saying things against one of the armies, they’re actually HELPING one of the armies win, they might realize it, but mostly they think they’re just pissing us off. Now if they’re raiding an event against one army on CP and one army only, they’re doing their intended purpose in life. Some of their tactics such as “RU A GRIL? RU A REEL GRIL?” and the infamous “SOUP” tactic where they create a circle around their leader might seem a little bit out there, but are actually, without them realizing, one of the most damn clever things we’ve thought of. Some of their other tactics include “[ARMY COLOR HERE] PLS LEAF”, “PURPLE RAD OTHERS MAD” and more stuff like that but with different wording, their constant E+T bombs, and their constant Joke bombs. For those of you that don’t know what they look like, they’re purple with an orange mining hat on. Now, should we take a stand against Purple Republic, or let them do their thing and destroy us? My interview with King Blooy, leader of Vikings, get’s one leader’s opinion of the infamous Purple Republic.

Me: What do you think about Purple Republic?

King Blooy: I don’t really think much of them, considering most CP armies try ignoring them.

Me: What do you think about their leader, Violantealetta?

King Blooy: Hmm, I honestly haven’t heard much about their leader.

Me: Do you think PR will crumble back down again?

King Blooy: I’m almost positive PR will fall again, but they’ve done this so many times. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back again after their next fall.

Me: Should we take a stand against PR?

King Blooy: Not at all, acknowledging them would only make things worse, I know many armies have tried fighting against PR with little success. As some major armies have done in the past, it’s just better to ignore them.

Me: Anymore thoughts?

King Blooy: That’s about it.

Me: Thank you for your time.

As you can see, some people think we shouldn’t take a stand as it might encourage them more to come back again and again to try to complete their goal of destroying armies. Some people might think that taking a stand against them will kill them off so they never come back. What do YOU think? Comment with your thoughts.

~ ★Daηтє™★cρac яєρσятєя★


18 Responses

  1. Just ignore them and they will go away


  2. Personally, I don’t care about Purple Republic. 😛


  3. Violantealetta fix your spelling


  4. PR member here. There is no such person as Violantealetta to my knowledge. We also don’t use any kind of hacks, or at least during my raid we didn’t. Funnily enough, the other army we were raiding on Tundra today was using clones. The reason we can assemble so quickly is because we have a Steam Group and we are notified whenever there is an event.


  5. Fighting them is fun.


  6. yay they are here to save us


  7. Ignore them if you want, but they won’t ignore you.


  8. o boy ther bak


  9. PR returns! Nobody cares!


  10. Vio, I’d like to have a talk with you? If possible. I’ll be at xat.com/VCPvikings


  11. If PR were to come to every CP event that every army has, i’d actually log onto CP for a cp event for once.


  12. i agree ignore them its just the same guys coming back due to having no life


  13. PR pride Server Wide!


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