The Good, The Bad, and The Purple

Club Penguin armies, surely when we first joined the Army Community we always thought there was a good side, and a bad side. However in this post I will be pointing out who the REAL good guys and bad guys in Club Penguin armies.

Fruit AllianceBlack Alliance

The Good Guys

Let’s talk about the ‘Good Guys’. Who are the good guys in Club Penguin armies? Well, if I go to Ice Warriors chat and told a Ice Warrior member to give me 3 armies that are good and who are bad, he would probably say IW, ACP and AR to be the good guys, and Pirates, LT and SWAT to do be bad guys. Why is that? Let’s look into this. The Ice Warrior member has probably been in armies for a month or so, and in that month the World War 6 was happening. It was the Black Alliance against the Fruit Alliance. Now, the Ice Warriors were in the Fruit Alliance, and so was the Army Republic and the ACP. The armies in the Black Alliance was SWAT, LT and Pirates. Due to this, the member automatically thinks that those armies in the Black Alliance are the bad guys while the armies in the Fruit Alliance are the good guys. 

However, if I go to the Light Troops chat and ask a member the question ”who are the bad guys in club penguin armies?” they would immediately say the ACP, Ice Warriors and the Army Republic. Why is this? because the Light Troops are in the Black Alliance and they’re fighting against the ACP, AR and IW.

So the question is – who are really the good guys?

The answer to that question – is all of them. Yes, both armies in the Black Alliance and the Fruit Alliance would get to fight each other and dislike each other, however both of them are the good guys. This may be confusing, but if you actually think about it, it will make sense. Both these sides have a purpose, the Black Alliance are fighting the Fruit Alliance because they want a change in Club Penguiin Warfare, while the Fruit Alliance is retaliating and just defending their nation. No one is doing anything bad in this war, just invading and defending like Club Penguin Warfare should be like.

The Bad Guys

Now that we know who the good guys in Club Penguin armies are, it is time to discover who the bad guys are. This section is going to be real short, because there is actually no bad guys in Club Penguin Warfare, unless you count one army – The Purple RepublicMany will argue saying the Purple Republic aren’t a legit army due to their leader being a hacker and the army started off as bots, into trolling Brazilians (yes, they were from Brazil) who made swastika signs on Club Penguin. However as I stated in my previous post about the Purple Republic, they made all armies bind together into creating the Pink Alliance and stopping the evil Purple Republic from ruining our fun. 

Therefore, in conclusion, every army in Club Penguin Warfare is special in their own ways, no army is bad or evil, we just get carried away, the main point of Club Penguin Warfare is to have fun and just battle other armies, without making hate posts and dissing other leaders and armies. All armies are good in their own way, and we just have to accept that.

28 Responses

  1. Any side can call themselves the good side. Even Hitler and the Axis called themselves the Good men. It depends on your point of view.


  2. At first I thought this was gonna be really biased.


  3. Agreed.

    I wasn’t around for the PR battles, but I was doing relatively well in the ACP when the Crew vs all armies war came around, with their whole destructive aims. All armies bound together.

    Our existence is obviously for war. But some of this blind hatred is totally ridiculous.


  4. In reality there is no good or evil. There are neutral people and there are people whom believe their way is the right and only way.
    “There is no good and evil; only power and those too weak to see it.” -Voldemort, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone)


  5. that is true, if you are against a army in events, you will think they are the bad ones. But they think that you are the bad people also.
    Good post.


  6. Pirates A Good Army, U Made Me Laugh My Face Off.


  7. Pirates A Good Army, U Made Me Laugh My Face Off.


  8. “They are all the good guys” How much did it hurt you to write this?


  9. This is all common sense. It’s all a matter of perspective. You could say the Black Alliance is bad, because several of the armies in the BA do questionable things…


  10. The run-ons distracted me from the terrible writing.


  11. ”The good, the bad, the purple” Hehe, nice post… I thought that post was going to be about me but it wasn’t (few) anyway, I actually LIKED this post. I sort of agree with it, yeah…


  12. this is coming from water kid? He was say that the acp is a good guy?!?!? I thought the acp was a bad guys! you have confused me!!!!!


  13. I found this article very hurtful.


  14. I found this somewhat biased. But, I really love the way it’s written.


  15. Purple Republic is a 4chan-based troll group. They have also have a Steam Group.


  16. I think a major piece of evidence to refute this entire piece of writing is a small chunk of the biography from the Night Warriors website. An famous ideology that all armies today should embrace, ushered by the NW themselves:

    “Our mission is not to protect Club Penguin. No, we aren’t the ‘good guy’ and we don’t try to be, nor are we evil. We just try to have fun.”

    Have fun, is the basic message.


  17. PR is not evil. PR is our savior.


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