Return of a Forgotten Army

Yes, it is I, Ajman, back for another stint here at CPAC.  If you don’t know me, I’ve worked here on four separate occasions as a Page Maintainer, a Reporter, and a Head Reporter.  I don’t really think that there’s a point in me formally introducing myself again, so how about we get on with the post?  So, the topic today of my post is an army who have had a ferocious history, an appalling downfall, and now an extraordinary return.  The army of today’s post is, the Golden Troops!

The Golden Troops were at a point in time one of the most feared armies around, and even arguably the largest at one stage in the summer of 2011.  But they had also been very well known for hiring leaders with poor intentions for the army as a whole to make it progress, and this then led to a period in late 2011 and early 2012 where every other week the GT would be dying, reviving, and then dying again.  With all this going on, their sizes were skyrocketing downwards, and thus led to the eventual demise in the Spring of 2012.

An example of what GT were.

The GT had always had the same troops that always stuck around throughout the good times and the bad, but eventually those soldiers left after they believed that some of the newer leaders were corrupt and just power hungry bast*rds wanting to have a dictatorship over the whole army.  As well as that, GT has had some other controversies involving the army including many hacks, and firings of leaders.  They also had many backlashes on former leaders and in a way were very hypocritical with their leaders to go along with so.

The Golden Troops had a very tough time in the span of September 2011 to the Spring of 2012, when they died.  They were struggling to reach sizes above ten at just about all events and were being outperformed by their former merged army the Sun Troops were outperforming them s well which was rubbing salt in the wounds for GT.  They created a Hall of Fame and added Lord Pain to it after he supposedly corrupted the army during that time span.

Although this, the Golden Troops announced in October that they would be returning, promising more size and power than ever and of course that “Hell will be unleashed.” a quote that you would instantly relate to the Golden Troops if you were to hear.  So, let’s get down and dirty with some of the new info about this new GT.


The new leaders for this generation are Riotors, Jerry, Beast, and Lord Pain

My Verdict:

With myself having led GT from April to September of 2011, I will try to be as un-biassed as possible with this.  So, my first opinion on this is that they are a little hypocritical with making Lord Pain a leader after putting him on all Hall of Shame and saying that he’ll never lead GT again, but, opinions change, so that seems to have happened.  Jerry and Rio are always key figures to the GT so they have to be role models for all lower troops to look up to.  Beast has a big chance to prove himself here as he is leading GT for I believe his first time.

Returning Soldiers:

Some of the returning soldiers for the GT include Icy, Ben, Jerry, Pain, and Rio.  They have all at one point or another lead GT so there will be a lot of leadership experience inside the ranks which will be very important for them in order to rise.

My Verdict:

Like I said above, the returning soldiers will majorly help the GT in terms of experienced and helping them rise, but will also be very important to new recruits as they’ll know much more than the average soldier about the army and will likely make them feel welcome.


So that just about wraps it up for today’s post, as usual, constructive criticism is always welcome as I want to bring you the highest quality news!


9 Responses

  1. I might be the head adviser and shit, but I can’t see GT going to far with the arguments between the troops and leaders. I predict that in a couple months, many of the noobs will be in high ranks and creating bad ideas breaking the army apart.


  2. You should have included a picture of GT now if they have one, but good post.


  3. How can GT be forgotten if they keep coming back every few months.


  4. Rio’s back? 😀


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