Why the "Golden ages" are over-rated

This is a personal opinion, before some un-educated person claims this post is “biased”

As we all know, 2012 has lacked something greatly in armies, something that has been over-analysed  perhaps by the media, consistency. With nobody having a sure-grip on the top 3, and perhaps even the top 5, armies have definitely become more competitive, but is that a good thing or a bad thing? 

Let’s start off with the obvious, legendary armies are not what they once were, such as the Army Of Club Penguin and the Nacho Army. Arguably, you could say Nachos aren’t as in a bad of a situation as ACP are right now, but Nachos HAVE dropped to an all time low in this surprising year.

For this, many so-called “experts” say the Golden Ages are long gone, and that armies in overall have hit an all time low. What do I say to that opinion? Absolute nonsense. 

The so called “Golden Age” was in 2009, with the Nachos and ACP having their best ever age to date. Have you noticed I only said Nachos and ACPThat’s because they were the only army’s getting above 25 on a consistent basis. Yes, ACP, were maxing in the high 80s, and the Nachos mid 50’s, but all the other armies were miles behind, compared to them. There was absolutely no competitiveness in armies in 2009, and very few will disagree with me.

So now, because ACP and Nachos do not challenge for the top spot consistently people are jumping to the conclusion that armies are dying, when they’re really not. New armies rise to the occasion every year

 UMA 2007

ACP/RPF 2008

Nachos/ACP 2009

NW/ACP/GT/Nachos/IW 2010

LT/DW/Ninjas/IW/ST/ACP/Nachos/GT 2011

IW/SWAT/DW/LT/AR/Pirates/Ninjas/ST 2012

(I understand part of this table may be inaccurate, but you should see the point I’m trying to make)

If you paid attention to the table of armies above, you would have noticed that slowly, armies were getting more competitive by the year.  As Disney, or whoever block the older recruiting solutions, the older armies start to fall, hence why there is more competitiveness

Now, I know the topic I just explained wasn’t particularly focused on “why armies aren’t falling” The reason people say this is because they don’t even equip 2 years of experience in armies, and they are basing their judgement on other people’s opinions. For example, somebody who has say, one year of experience, they would probably think the “golden ages” were miles bigger than armies today due to people over-hyping the “Golden Ages” Which is why people always complain about armies “falling” when they aren’t, the word for this is that armies have become inconsistent. (Which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not really a good thing either, mind you.)

So yes, there will be  a vast amount of new armies rising to the occasion in the Top 10, until armies find some stability atleast. Just because armies have a bad week does not mean they are falling.

 (I posted this on CPWN, two weeks ago, but I felt this needed to be posted on CPAC, as this post only got around 2 comments on CPWN).


25 Responses

  1. To be honest, there was a lot of competitiveness in 2009. Armies you listed, like the DW, SWAT, ST, Pand Ninjas were only at the top for a while-which happened to many armies back then. You might as well list the Watex Warriors, IMAF, HSA, Golds, DW, IW, RPF, UMA,, CPW, GW(Now GT) for 2009, seeing this. Maybe 2010 was better, but clearly Club Penguin Warfare is at it’s worst, right now.


  2. Are you kidding me? We didn’t drop to an all time low. The Nachos won the Christmas Chaos earlier this year, we beat ACP in a war, and we’re beating ACP in a war right now. How is that an all time low? Just because you don’t like us doesn’t mean to have to say inaccurate things like that.


  3. Nachos blaming school on their fall.
    I blame lazy leaders.


  4. Nice post. In the future, you may want to categorize this in the philosophy section, however. That can be done by categorizing it in “The Column”. Keep up the good work Unk.


  5. Nice post!


  6. UMA’s golden age was pretty exaggerated. Says “filled up entire servers with all UMA troops” yet the most I’ve ever seen of UMA in a picture is 40+ in the Dojo.


  7. Very good post!


  8. Where is Watex Warrior


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