Top Ten Armies: 12/02/12

Pre-note: The tournament battles of Sunday are not counted this week- they will be counted next.

Pre-note dos: The descriptions for all armies leading up to the Shadow Troops are written by Blue1. The remaining five are written by Riot.

In the first week of December, let’s see how armies stack up.

Top Ten Armies


1. Ice Warriors [+2] [93.88]

2. Army Republic [+6] [87.75]

3. Nachos [+1] [86.88]

4T. Dark Warriors [NEW!] [84.75]

4T. Shadow Troops [-3] [84.75]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [80.88]

 7T. Pirates [NEW!] [79.00]

7T. Army of CP [-6] [79.00]

9. Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [74.75]

10. Metal Warriors [+2] [63.88]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Vikings of CP [+0]

12. Light Troops [-3]

13. Chaos Army [+2]

14. Doritos [-8]

15. Patriots of CP [NEW!]

1. Ice Warriors:  The Ice Warriors have reclaimed their spot at first this week. They began the week defending their capital, Sub Zero, from the Shadow Troops. They claimed victory with great sizes of 30-35. Six days later, on Saturday, the Ice Warriors were scheduled to face off against the Doritos in the first round of the Christmas Chaos. Aaronstone42, Doritos Leader, forfeited the battle, leaving the Ice Warriors the victor, however the army logged on anyway, with sizes of 25-30.

2. Army Republic: The AR score 2nd this week, a huge jump from last. They began the week with a recruiting session on Berg, which soon turned into a Practice Battle with the UMA, which they won. Then, on the 26th, the Dark Warriors declared war and promptly surrendered three days later after only two battles. They have averaged from 25 to 3o this entire week and reached their maximum (32) at their defense of Ice Palace against the DW.

3. Nachos: The Nachos rise to third this week. On Monday, the Nachos had the first event of their ‘rebuilding session’, with sizes of 20-25. Four days later, on Fjord, the army had a training session, with sizes of around 25. The next day, the Nachos raided the ACP/Pirates battle on Breeze, with sizes of 25. Following this, the Nachos declared war on the Army of CP, the first invasion being scheduled for tomorrow. Today, the Nachos had a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, reaching sizes of 25-30.


4T. Dark Warriors: After being restarted only this week, the DW have made a great showing. On Monday, the army had their first event of the new generation, maxing 24 and averaging 18. The next day, DW lost to AR on Toboggan, and following that, the war ended soon after. The army then resolved to focus on training, and not war. Yesterday, the DW had two training sessions, with sizes of 20 at one and 25 at the other.

4T. Shadow Troops: After skyrocketing the first, the Shadow Troops fall to fourth this week. Their first event of the week was on Sub Zero against the Ice Warriors. While the army did lose, they had nice sizes of 20-25. On Thursday, they had a Training Session with sizes of around 10. Yesterday, ST faced off against UCCP in the Christmas Chaos, and pulled out a win.


6. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT has had an… interesting week, as their site was defaced and they lost their Christmas Chaos battle in a narrow margin. The SWAT managed to max about 22-24 and have worked very hard to reach their place in the Top Ten. While they got through yet another defacing, the SWAT has managed to still win some events this week with decent size.

7T. Army of CP: Seeming to focus on ACPTR Training and events, the ACP have claimed Breeze this past week and have maxed around 23. They have worked hard in training, have battled Pirates, dominated their Christmas Chaos first round, and ended fighting with the Light Troops. The Legendary ACP have made it into the Top Ten again. Congratulations to them.
7T. Pirates: The Pirates have been working hard this week, battling ACP and MW. The Pirates have worked very hard in their marvelous battles, claiming to win Berg from ACP and starting up some controversy. The Pirates have had a good week, and hope that they stay that way. Congrats to Pirates on making the Top Ten.
9. Underground Mafias Army: The UMA have gone through yet another round of confusion (the banishment of Eyes521/Daniel/Severed) and random unscheduled battles. However, they have done great with their Euro Division Training and even in said stated battles, maxing around 18 to 19. Congrats to UMA on making it into the Top Ten.
10. Metal Warriors: The MW did a great job this week, rounding up some fairly decent numbers, maxing about 15 this week. The MW has continued it’s war with the Pirates, and managed to defend Server Frosty. Congrats on MW for receiving their Top Ten Position.
So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!
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CPA Central Vice President

45 Responses

  1. Numbering is wrong


  2. nope its perfect


  3. Numbering is really wrong.


  4. Nice.


  5. Chaos maxed 13 this week thank you we did better than LT!


  6. Last week you said you would count LTs one event which was Ioios last event until temp retiring so why arent we on here


  7. IW never claimed victory but ST never claimed defeat on Sub Zero. Please get your facts straight… again.


  8. Looked at ACP’s spot after their “historic jump back to 1st”


  9. wow ice warriors good job. if nachos declared war on us and there number 2 we need some preperation, even though its got to be like the 9th time weve gone to war with these guys lol


    • 9th time? oh pls, u joined cp warfare 9 days ago, obviously you think Nachos declared war on ACP 9 times


      • ??? dude theres absolutley ne need to start anything here i didint do anything ik you dont like me but idk why i honestly dont care but dont you dare insult someone who your not even positive your talking to thats not right. and if you care i joined officilly in 2009 under a different name but found armies in 2007.


  10. Link the websites to each army. Makes it easier for people finding them.


  11. Why aren’t my comments going under moderation or not being approved? :/


  12. Good top 10


  13. The top ten list and the descriptions don’t match


  14. DW has maxed 30+. The picture you have is possibly the worst picture we have this week. I understand armies made a huge imporvement this week, but DW should be 3T with Nachos, and 4th place secured ahead of ST at the very least

    Decent top 10.


    • Fyi ST got around 30 during the invasion of Sub Zero and around 24 in the battle vs UCCP. You’re lucky to be tied, I expected 3T for us


  15. Epic top 10. DW should be 3t with nachos because you used one of our worst pics plus ST got half as much as DW


  16. 11 armies in the top ten?


  17. 1 – looks like armies are on the rise. coolbeans

    2 – Blue, babe, learn to count.


  18. I completely don’t agree with Top10. I think ACP should be on 3rd place this week.


  19. Vikings of CP – 10th.

    Where is their picture on their size & description on how they went?


  20. VCP is supposed to be 11th. That’s the issue, and it will be fixed soon.


  21. Good week for armies.


  22. I dont really get this. The Top 10 is fine just that Chaos said they maxed 13 and U.C.H.D. maxed 16 but their not up there in the close to top ten.


  23. And UCCP are where?


  24. shouldnt chaos be 12th and Lt 13th cuz they lost 3 and we got 2+


  25. What happened to Light Troops?????


  26. Too bad the top 10 didn’t come out on Monday, DW got about 35-40 so we would’ve been 2nd. :I


  27. Armies are getting a little better these days, maybe we’re rising again.


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