Bias: Have some people gone to far? [Edited]

Have we gone to far with this? No seriously think about it.. Some people hate certain Armies and make them out like evil monsters in there posts and even on chats.

Biased People over the year’s have seem to have grown rapidly, in-fact with all the people that are biased you could fit all of them into Russia and America joint together. Some people have gone to far, maybe not in armies but certainly well.. everywhere.

What does Bias mean?

Well bias generally is being one-sided, and it doesn’t match a neutral point of view. For example say the President made a decision he thinks is 100% right and yet the whole country is against it (this would be being biased to his point of view.) So it means to be biased to someone you have to favour what you like over what the majority people would say was right. (If you know what I mean)

Why are People Biased?

People are normally biased when they think there right over the majority of people. Biased is practically being Racist in some types of ways if you think about it. For example you favour one group of people over another group of people cause you think you’re that group of people.

(FAKE) Examples of Biased

Say for example the President thought that banning Chocolate bars was the best decision for America to go forward and the whole country thought he was talking bullsh*t that would make him biased. He then creates a bill saying that Chocolate Bars are banned from all shops in USA. That would then start a massive riot of angry Americans coming to the whitehouse and destroying the whitehouse. The President then gets the army to come in and help control the riot and he still goes forward with his decision of banning Chocolate bars this would make him still biased.

Anyways guys that concludes my first CPAC post. Comment on your opinions on Bias/being Biased.

-iEaglez, CPAC’s Philospher-Reporter

9 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. your memes are bad and you should feel bad


  3. wut was this supposed to do with cp armies lol


  4. You don’t have the slightest conception of the word. I don’t think you were speaking English half the time. “‘So it means to be biased to someone you have to favour what you like over what the majority people would say was right. (If you know what I mean)'” No, I don’t know what you mean.


  5. CPAC is lacking philosophers,


  6. Whut? Seen better posts. The example at the end confused me…


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