Christmas Chaos Round 1 Predictions

Because I have nothing better to do until Club Penguin Herbert announces the new updates, I will be helping cover the CC. Prepare for me writing the overview of the Rounds and my own predictions along with those of other members of CPAC by looking at the size of the armies were the previous week and looking at their sites!

Tap’s color

Riot’s color

Blue1’s color

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

This battle in my eyes will be close. Judging by the statistics of last week’s top ten, I cannot predict who will win. I did check the sites of both armies and DCP, maxing 15, will have to pull off something to get up to the 20+ IW had in the defense of sub zero. My vote here goes to IW, but DCP could still pull it off.

I agree with Tap. It will be a pretty close battle, and it will probably come down to the last minute. In my opinion, IW will have a much better chance at success for the moment. DCP has its chances, but they need to go through on a good day.

IW’s my pick for this one. While DCP may pull out a win, it would take one of the miracles that they’ve experienced over the past two months. Unless DCP can pull off sizes of 30-35, the Ice Warriors will take the win.

Shadow Troops vs. United Countries of Club Penguin

Rankings are a small glimpse of what the army looks like, and while I know a bit about IW and DCP, both ST and UCCP are relatively new to the scene nowadays even though both have been around for a while. While ST got 1st this week with their 25, they had another even averaging 15 and I think that could be a sign that it was a possible flux. I did check both sites and ST had 11 compared to UCCP’s 15 so it could go either way. If I must pick, I am going for Shadow Troops.

Do I even need to explain? Shadow Troops are for my vote.

Shadow Troops would be a very easy pick for this, however three of their leaders are currently on leave, and the army has seemingly been experienced some internal turmoil. Of course, this can only be speculated, but private/password protected posts can sometimes account to that. Nevertheless, I think the ST will experienced an easy win here against UCCP.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Metal Warriors

Ah the Metal Warriors. How difficult it was trying to read their site even with it translated. I checked it and they have been getting 8-9. ACP have been getting 10-15, so this battle could be one of the upsets and I will not be surprised if it is so. My vote here goes for MW, because they could pull it off.

A bit of a toughie. MW may not look like much, but It crushes some fairly good size margins (in the past). Im not going to bother with their site, but ACP has my vote on this one.

I don’t think this battle will be as close as it is presumed to be. The times are friendly for both ACP’s US Force and their UK Force, and while the Metal Warriors have been known to pull out some upsets, I believe this will be a pretty easy battle for the ACP.

Army Republic vs. SWAT

First battle I can honestly say that one army will win over the other. I am certain that AR can defeat SWAT easily. 35 is the max AR had and easily a contender for first next week. SWAT on the other hand had 17 at their last training session.

SWAT might have their chance at this one, but this one will be somewhat of a close battle. AR has the bigger size, so I agree with Tap by saying AR has a slight advantage for the win.

I don’t want to completely rule out SWAT’s chance to win, but I think that unless AR has an off day, they will take the win here.

Light Troops vs. Dark Warriors

Light Troops vs. Dark Warriors. Just the idea of this battle is making me laugh because it is light versus dark. Now my prediction for this one is a toss up much like the WW/GT battle in the legends tournament. DW could easily win with pure size, but in order to do that LT will have to be smaller than their last event (10-12) or have no tactical organization whatsoever. On the other hand DW could have an off day or LT could get several more troops and defeat DW with ease as long as they get a decent amount of people and perform good tactics.

I honestly do not know for this battle. The LT and the DW are great armies, both of which averaging great sizes, both known for being the legendary armies that they are. If I had to narrow it down to the final straw though, DW has my vote. If you compare the two’s sidelines and sizes, you get DW.

This, as the above two said, will be one of the closest battles of the tourney, and may be the hardest battle for these two armies. The LT and DW both have been averaging great sizes, the LT having been around for awhile, and the Dark Warriors only recently recreated. When it comes down to it, I believe the Dark Warriors will pull out a win, as they’ve been known to surprise us all, but this one is entirely a toss-up.

Air Force of Club Penguin vs. Golden Warriors

I won’t Lie. I have never heard of these two armies in modern times. Back in my noob days GW was a good army that eventually became GT and AFCP was like Navy, marines and coast guard of CP. ACP rip offs. I cannot give an opinion for I have no knowledge of their sites or sizes.

These are real?

The truth of the matter is, this armies are more on the small/medium border of our ‘large’ Top Ten, and as with any small armies, one day they’re flying high with 10-15, and the other day they’ve hit rock bottom again. The only thing I can predict is that neither army will reach sizes above 15, and that this battle depends entirely on every single troop that shows.

Nachos vs. Ninjas

Does anyone remember the days when the Ninjas were 3rd? Now they struggle to get active ever since they began dying down. Nachos on the other hand are quite powerful and probably will win this easily.

Nachos, no question.

Easiest of the tourney. Ninjas have struggled to make it into the Top Ten. Nachos, for sure.

Underground Mafias Army vs. Pirates

If we were to go by Statistics, than Pirates would be the victor in this battle because the only thing UMA has done the past weeks is deal with site being defaced. I am going for pirates because I think they have the better shot of winning.

This one’s harder. The UMA and the Pirates both have fantastic sizes and tactics, with the rebellion thing being real, I have to go with a dead even tie. If that sounds bad, then my vote goes in for Pirates.

This battle could be a toss-up, however I think the Pirates will pull through, even though their battle is rather late UK. The UMA has been experienced some internal turmoil (as always), and if they can work through that, they may be able to beat the Pirates, but if they cannot, CPPA will easily take the win here.

Woton Warriors vs. Blue Brother Alliance

The battle we all want to see. This one is not going to be on club penguin but in the CPAC staff room where The blue brother alliance consisting of Blue1, 2 and funks will be challenging the tyranny of the Woton Warriors, consisting of Woton, Skloop and Godplaya in the fight over stale donuts and s*tty coffee.

Update: The Bluesockwa Haters Association will be Crashing the Event

Clearly the Blue Brother Alliance will win, since only I know where the shotgun is. Besides, Woton usually likes to get boozed up during these tourneys, and a drunk Woton is a scary, scary man. Nevertheless, the Blue Brother Alliance will pull out the win.

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  2. nice post man ACP vs MW will be a tough one alot of these are good matched armies cant wait to see the results


  3. nachos,its true LOL we beat them in sweet 16


  4. UMA actually got 15 in an unscheduled yesterday-the first event since order was restored, and for the past week we have not been dealing with rebellions. It was dealing with the site being defaced. Please correct that on your post.


    • Done. I am sorry for the misinformation. I had no idea what was going on and all I saw were new leaders coming and going so I assumed rebellion.


  5. Nice


  6. Blue Brother Alliance will definetley beat Woton Warriors. Drunk Woton – May be scary but has no idea what’s going on.


  7. i found blue’s shotgun.


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