Recap: WW6


Better than the last post.

No, this isnt going to be another crappy post where the interviews are longer than they should be. THIS WILL BE INFORMATION ABOUT WW6 WITH NO INTERVIEWS.
Make sure to click the two links, and scroll down on the army sites. Because the battles I posted are on the front page.


  1. The Armies Involved

  2. The Wars That Have Happened

The Armies Involved

This honestly has been shocking. The armies involved in the war was originally supposed to be LT vs ACP. They began pilling on allies so it turned into two alliances. The Black Alliance (LT/Pirates/SWAT) and The Alliance (ACP/Nachos/MW/IW). For months now, these two alliances have been inhaling power and exhaling hell onto the servers of Club Penguin. Various invasions/defenses/cleansings have happened on many servers. Battles are still going on in World War 6 to see who will win, The Alliance, or The Black Alliance. Mostly, invasions of servers have been schedueled by both alliances meaning that one of the alliances must give up their invasions to defend their beloved servers. Army Republic (AR) has dropped out from The Alliance for reasons that are unknown. The Black Alliance has had their allies drop out and rejoin many times. Underground Mafias Army (UMA) has dropped out of The Black Alliance for reasons that are also unknown. Metal Warriors (MW) has recently joined The Alliance to help Nachos and IW protect ACP from their possible destruction due to The Black Alliance armies. The whole point of The Black Alliance was originally to destroy ACP (which most small armies want to do) until The Black Alliance gained other armies on its side. Now, the goal of The Black Alliance is to destroy ACP and destroy the allies that have been helping it. How The Alliance formed was exactly the same way, ACP wanted to destroy LT, and other armies agreed to that and jumped in to help ACP destroy LT. If you read my previous post, that Blue1 trashed,  you would know what both sides thought of this war. The Alliance thought that it was pointless war that wouldnt make a difference if either side won. The Black Alliance thought that both alliances were destroyed already, and it wouldnt make a difference either. If you ask me, both sides have the same perspective on this war.

The Wars That Have Happened

There have been many wars that have happened in World War 6, but let’s show a few of them. Pics from ACP/LT site

ACP vs LT on Snow Angel

ACP’s defense of Ice Box

LT’s defense of Berg.

ACP’s invasion on Klondike to decide owner of Big Surf

As you can see, both armies have been training hard and battling hard to win the hell of a war we call World War 6. These are only a few of the wars that have taken place on the servers of Club Penguin. To see more invasions/defenses you can visit or In my opinion, these battles are very nessecary and so is this whole war. CP Warfare has needed a boost of activity and fun for a long time now. More news coming to you from me, Dante, very soon. As soon as another big event happens, I’ll be on it.

~ ★Daηтє™★cρac яєρσятєя★


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  1. First comment. This post is DEFIANTLY better than my first one. Sorry for the lack of information on the second part.


    • Defiantly = characterized by defiance; boldly resistant or challenging: a defiant attitude.

      Definitely = in a definite manner; unambiguously.

      This really annoys me. Please define which one you intend on using.


      • Grammar Nazi much? It’s the second one btw. I didn’t know the difference until now.

        Whoever edited this commment, I see what you did there. Very smart.


  2. Hey! Well I decided to keep a small Battle Tracker on WW6, but I stopped keeping track around November 10th. If you tihnk it’ll be useful, it’s at


  3. For God’s sake, we know all this already, there’s nothing new here. Please, find another topic, this one’s been exhausted.


  4. i havent fought in this war for a while. nice post


  5. I’m surprised that nobody has called me bias yet.


  6. nice post


  7. You said this wasn’t going to be another crappy post. LIES, ALL LIES! 😦


    • Re-read it. I said “No, this isnt going to be another crappy post where the interviews are longer than they should be. THIS WILL BE INFORMATION ABOUT WW6 WITH NO INTERVIEWS.” Learn2read. /facepalm


  8. Nice post fella.


  9. Cool post.


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