Official Re-Establishment of The Club Penguin Army Council

The following is excerpted from The Club Penguin Army Council website. To view this post in its original form, please go HERE.

Greetings leaders, soldiers, and citizens of the Club Penguin Army Nations. As of 10:00 pm EST, November 21, 2012, let history show that representatives of the Club Penguin Army community have officially re-established the storied Club Penguin Army Council.

The Council was created on June 4, 2009 by Boomer 20 with the purpose of bringing back the Golden Ages of Club Penguin Armies. The Council served under Boomer’s leadership until September 2009. It was last active in February 2010. To say it has been a while would be an understatement.

Perhaps at no other time in the history of Club Penguin Armies have we needed some form of unity than we do right now. It is for this reason that, despite being in the midst of one of the most controversial world wars in our history, army leaders were able to agree on one thing – we have got to fix this.

Having received unanimous support from all in attendance, The Council has officially been re-established. This is what we plan to do:

I. Council Leadership

By unanimous decision, The Council will be run by Boomer as it was 3 years ago. He will be tasked with preparing a list of the current rules of Club Penguin Armies in preparation for their modification. He will also determine which armies will be represented in The Council, as well as selecting the panel of judges and site staff.

II. Army Representation

Representation in The Council is to be determined by two things: size and influence. Any army with consistent placement in the Top 10 will be represented. Additionally, any army or entity with determinable influence in the army community may be included as well. Each army included in The Council will select 3 representatives to serve their interests in the decision-making process.

III. Establishment of Rules

Throughout army history, we have never had a definitive and complete set of rules. This was largely because most of the time, everyone was in agreement on what these rules were. We have since deviated greatly from the generally accepted system of Club Penguin Warfare rules. The Council seeks not only to re-establish these rules, but also to reform them. We must make sure all armies are on the same page in order to avoid the vast number of conflicts that arise after nearly every battle.

IV. Server & Nation Reform

By unanimous decision, army leaders have agreed we need to greatly reform the way we manage server ownership. Many armies have in excess of 30 servers, and a large portion of them are claimed by as many as 5 or more armies. There is little consensus over who owns which servers. The specifics have not yet been decided, however there is strong support for major server reductions. Once this process is determined and completed, we will begin keeping track of who owns which servers in a definitive manner.

V. Determination of Battle Outcomes

The original plan was simply to create a means of deciding battles in a truly neutral and fair manner. This will likely be the most crucial function of The Council, a power which it did not have last time. The Council will, once rules are established, hire a panel of trustworthy, unbiased judges to decide the outcome of battles in the hopes of eliminating most of the controversy surrounding nearly all of our events. The panel will consist of primarily (if not exclusively) retired soldiers who we believe can make fair judgment in accordance with the rules.

VI. Rule Enforcement

The Council’s system of rules will be enforced by two unique measures. Firstly, it is required of all eligible armies to participate in The Council. If an army intentionally and consistently breaks the rules established by The Council and its army representatives, it will be excluded from The Council and will not have a say in future decisions until it once again follows the pre-established rules. Secondly, if an army intentionally and consistently breaks the rules established by The Council and its army representatives, it will be excluded from the CPAC Top 10 and CPAC-sponsored events until it once again follows the pre-established rules. This will assure that all armies play by the same set of rules.


There is still much to be decided. There are a number of very good ideas that have been presented by army leaders which we will do our best to implement in the coming weeks. I would like to thank Ioio for calling for this much-needed meeting and to all who came and provided input that led to the re-establishment of the Club Penguin Army Council.

The next step is for armies to select their 3 representatives who will participate in The Council. You may submit your representatives HERE whenever you are ready.

We would also like to thank the soldiers who have stuck with us this long. Surely this is not the brightest period in our history, but I believe things are looking up. If we may carry on the enthusiasm and cooperation I saw today into our work with The Council, I know we can get things back on track. Thank you for your patience, and we will be in touch again soon.


13 Responses

  1. I’m Supporting this movement so we can re-establish the rules of CP warfare. They are far out of date, and we need to update them or else we will lose the most basic foundations of our fragile system.

    Boomer: Agreed! Welcome aboard 😛


  2. omg this is so biased i mean boomer leads acp so doesn’t that make acp in charge of armies again? and cpac is included so cpac is biased to acp!!1!111!
    Had to do a noob comment xD


  3. I agree, but Boomer as the head, I have thoughts of ACP influence.

    Boomer: I guess that’s expected, but I did manage it before, and everyone at the meeting including Ioio was alright with it (surprising since most were BA leaders), so I don’t think there’s reason to worry. If it makes you feel better, I don’t think I even really have a vote in The Council, I’m just organizing it so the people in armies can make the decisions.


  4. I’d love to help if you want me to.


  5. Nice idea


  6. Just to let you guys know, it was my idea to have the big meeting every week, to show new problems and to fix them each week, instead of each year. I was the one who brought this up in the meeting (;. Also, I brought up the thought of a *LIVE* Top Ten, that would be updated daily(rankings only).


  7. I’m amused by the fact that so many of the things I have been saying needed to be done/put into place for 1 1/2 years now (I.E. official list of rules, central authority to decide disputes, etc.) are finally getting done through the one way I never thought they would. Still, B1 and I are on board, as I believe you already know.

    Boomer: I think it took a dire situation to make people willing to come together on this, but I’m glad that it’s in progress. Also CPAC has been approved 2 representatives in The Council, along with 1 from CPWN, so sign up at the site whenever you’re ready.


  8. If you need any help with anything Boomer.. just let me know 🙂


  9. i read the 4th one and im like “THATS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING”


  10. Ehhhhhhhhhh


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