Army of the Week: Doritos of Club Penguin

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on an army that went through many owner changes recently.  DCP recently fell out of the top ten, but plan on making a rise to return.  DCP has been sitting out on the current world war, and have plenty of training sessions planned to get them back on track.  Many former leaders have returned to help DCP.  Can DCP get back up on its feet?  Or will they continue to fall even further?

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DCP was created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan.  The army quickly drew many people into joining them.  DCP’s first war was against the Defense of Club Penguin.  The two armies battled for the abbreviation “DCP”.  In the end DCP were the victors.

In March of 2010, ACP declared war on DCP, who were now a very powerful army.  From that point until June 2010, DCP went to war with many other armies including the Elites, IW, and LOL.  On June 16, 2010, DCP hit world power status.  After more wars, DCP brought back the Orange Alliance in January 2011 and went to war with UMA.  After wars with more armies including DW and LGT, DCP began to gradually fall.  They would rise a few times, but fall back down once again.  By May 2012, DCP died.  In June 2012, DCP was brought back and reached sizes of 25+ at events.  Shortly after, Hurricanex1 became the leader of DCP.  It wasn’t until September, 2012 when DCP reached 2nd in the top ten.  Later on in September, DCP defeated the Nachos for the legendary server Breeze, the former ACP capital.

After lots of hard work, DCP was ranked 1st in the top ten on October 8th.  After Wwebestfan’s retirement, DCP declined.  He has since returned along with some others to help DCP rise once again.

Current Leadership:

Recently, Wwebestfan and Lord Pain came back to lead DCP, with Mustapha10 also coming back a little earlier this week.  Along with Np3000, they are the leaders of DCP, with Cul8rsl in the rank of Leader in Training.  Now that all the owner ranks are finally in place, it seems the leadership will work.

Recent Events:

DCP had an unscheduled event with sizes of 15+ earlier this week.  Below are some pictures from the event:

More recently, DCP had a training session.  The army reached sizes of 16+ with excellent tactics.  Below are some pictures from the event:

DCP have many more events coming up.


I think that with the strong leadership DCP has now, they can rise to the top three.  As long as they stay active with loyal troops and good leadership, I think the army can stay a consistent top ten army for a while.

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How do you think DCP have been doing?  Can they rise to the top ten and to their former power?  Or will they fall once again?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

13 Responses

  1. Umm, DCP are army of the week every week. Wtf?


  2. Ar left a comment to join.. Post about someone else.


  3. Army of the week is mainly GD and DCP


  4. AU is back.


    • They’ll be written about as soon as they put our banner back on their site. Normally they’d need to re-comment, but they were never even taken off the page. I’m only an author, and no one ever gets rid of the inactive armies, no matter how many times I ask.


  5. dcp, for like the 10th time…


  6. WTF, DCP again. It’s looks like DCP is the only army in Club Penguin -_-


  7. My army left a comment to join. Post about us.


  8. ikr its dcp every week xd


  9. You tell us to join the Network, we put your banner on, yet we only see DCP, PCP and GD as army of the week. Please update the network.


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