Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors Battle Pirates on Snow Day

In yet another battle in this raging world war, ACP teamed up with IW to invade the server Snow Day from the Pirates.  The battle was very close and was a UK event.  Eventually, one army admitted defeat.  Who won the battle?  How will this affect the armies, and the war itself?

The Pirates averaged 10-13 during the battle and maxed 20 troops.  ACP and IW combined reached a total of 15+ average, and maxed a little over 20.  The Pirates came to admitting defeat in the end.

Below, ACP and IW do mad faces while the Pirates do cakes in the Snow Forts.

Below, the Pirates do a joke bomb while IW chant “Make a line” at the Dock.

 Below, ACP and IW do a joke bomb in the Snow Forts.

ACP were happy with the results of the battle, as posted on the ACP site by Kingfunks4, ACP 2ic.

This event was so overwhelming for the Pirates, they admitted defeat for the battle! The sizes for the ACP were great, considering it was a European event, at around 10-15 and our alliance size just tipped the balance in the ACP’s favor.

When asked about how the battle of Snow Day went, iwaterkid100, Pirates leader, replied:

I think the battle of Snow Day went alright.

Though ACP and IW won this battle, there are still many more to come, with no one knowing what the results will be like.

Comment with YOUR opinion on this battle.  How do you think the armies did?  What will future battles be like?  Which alliance will win this war?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

8 Responses

  1. at least I wasn’t listed as a leader on this post.


  2. Amazing. 2 top 5 armies combined defeat one. This was so unexpected. The world’s gonna end.

    On a less sarcastic note, good post.


  3. waiting for yet another nerdy tough guy to comment on my comment just for another laugh


  4. I don’t get it.
    When ACP had no allies and the Black Alliance invaded them, ACP claimed they won every battle because Black Alliance used “allies” and that allies weren’t allowed.
    Now that a couple of armies are helping ACP, they invade every server with their allies.

    So.. apparently if no army is helping ACP, allies arent allowed but if a couple of armies start to join ACPs side, allies are allowed?


    • Didn’t SWAT invade ACP saying that if ACP invaded with UK times Pirates would help defend, then go on rambling in their declaration of war about how ACP would immediately lose a battle if they used an ally?


  5. ACP’s side wins 1 battle = CPAC automatically posts about it
    Black Alliance wins over 30 battles = CPAC posts about none


  6. well, i’m just glad pirates are doing so good.


  7. The Ninja Snow Army is looking for new members. We are starting up agen and need all the help we can get. We hope this can be a great way for all snow armys to work together.


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