The Transition of CP Armies?

With old armies such as the Army of CP, Nachos and UMA all declining from the spot light, new armies like the Light Troops, Pirates and SWAT are rising into the limelight at the top of the list and the Black Alliance has described this as the “end of oppression”. Ever since the start of CP Armies the most common top three has included the ACP, Nachos and IW, with only the IW be included in the top three. However, behind them included newer armies as listed at the start. In this post I will look at how this could affect armies in both a positive and negative way and what is being done with this transition.

To start with, I will look at how the older powerhouses have declined into the lower depths of the top ten or have dropped out of the top ten all together. Everyone is aware of the ACP’s fall in recent months, many blaming this on former ACP Leader Kingfunks4. The Nachos dropped even lower than the ACP and almost hit the bottom of the top ten list, while the UMA didn’t even exist for a few weeks. This is accompanied by the RPF’s continued inability to pull themselves back into the top ten and have been looking to be a constant top ten army for the whole year of 2012. If you went and asked a soldier from 2006-07 what armies they remember from last weeks top ten, they would probably name three (not including the Nachos). Also, the great leaders like Boomer, Oagalthorp, Pink Mafias and Iceyfeet have all retired leaving a gap in the leadership of these historical armies.

 People like Oagalthorp have left, making a need for more legendary leaders

 Then you can look at the other view of the change in CP Armies. The big thing is that the new armies are able to rise higher into the top ten, as the older armies are not able to get sizes of 50+ anymore. The playing field in the top ten is much more level and the top five is much more unpredictable than before, one army is not dominant at the top either. Also, the new armies have united with a goal to take over the top and knock the ACP, IW and Nachos off their perch. By uniting as the Black Alliance, they have made their goal clear and strong. Although the older armies have also now united in the goal to stop the newer armies, the alliance, the Black Alliance appears more organized and more united and that is shown by the use of a BA site for their alliance, while TA has failed to do so at the moment.

The Alliance has called this change in armies a “negative movement” and armies will be under strict dictatorships by being led with soldiers such as Waterkid, Ioioluk and Lord Pain. This is shown in the ACP’s appeal for the Pirate troops to rebel in the previous war, saying that he is “like Hitler” by treating his troops badly and saying small armies should go to concentration camps.

Picture from Pirates site

However, the Black Alliance has said this transition is a good and long awaited change for CP Armies. They said that the ACP’s hold at the top has gone on for too long and a change is needed, the ACP need to lose their dictatorship on CP Armies. They say that this will make CPA better and more fun for armies involved, without the likes of ACP acting as the “police of cp Armies” as they have been tagged as many times in the past which has frustrated many armies.

I interviewed one representative from the Alliance and one from the Black Alliance.

Interview with IW Creator, Iceyfeet;

What do you think about what is described as the “transition” in CP Armies with the newer armies taking the top spots?

According to Waters original plan, him and the “new” armies trying to take the top spots want to do much more than just become the top three.

What else will happen?

Water recently wanted to colonize CP Armies, but failed to because of how organized EVERYONE was. Now he wants to take out the larger armies, which will leave the door wide open for his conquest for colonization.

If the Newer armies do take the top spots without the older armies in sight, will this make armies decline or increase?

 Decline, definitely.


Water’s final plan is to colonize small/medium armies (Which was his original plan from before). If he goes through with it, then there wont be any armies left to rise.

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future with helping out the Ice Warriors.

Your welcome and thanks.

Interview with Pirates Recreator/Leader, Waterkid:

What do you think about what is described as the “transition” in CP Armies with the newer armies taking the top spots?

I think it’s good and it’s finally time for new armies to conquer CP armies, such as Pirates, LT and SWAT.

Iceyfeet said Pirates plan is to colonize small armies and if it goes ahead there will be no armies to rise. What is your response?

That is exactly what Iceyfeet does for Ice Warriors, he cant be on a chat without advertising for IW and no, I wont do that.

If the Newer armies do take the top spots without the older armies in sight, will this make armies decline or increase?

Probably increase.


Because when the other armies go, more people will try to make a new army to get into the top ten since it’ll be easier. Before everyone joined the IW, Nachos or ACP, but since they are dying (well ACP and nearly Nachos) more people will either join IW and there will be three new armies.

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future with leading the Pirates.

My message is: AR is secretly the KKK and IW are hippies.

These interviews contradicted each other, with Iceyfeet saying that Water’s plan was to colonize small armies but Waterkid strongly denied that despite his “small army concentration camp” picture he posted prior to this war with the desire to replicate Order 67. Water also says that CP armies will increase because the spare troops will be spread between the other armies and new troops will join other armies, meaning an increase in armies. Water raised some valid points and an interesting comment at the end of the interview after I said he was allowed to put a message in.

What do YOU think about the transition in CP armies? Will this make armies decline or increase and will this be a good step for CPA? Comment YOUR opinion.

-Kingfunks4 CPAC Head of Media

20 Responses

  1. FIRST 😛


    • Thank you for posting this, it’s like a continuation of my post “The Age of Transition.” I really do think this is a new era for cp armies, and I’m so happy with what is happening. Finally, a change. Acp is no longer Number 1, this is the time to make a difference and go down a new road in Cp Armies. 🙂




  3. i didnt create pirates, Bid Now did


  4. Also, about the Waterkid colonization thing, its over, and won’t happen again. ACP did that too with Order 67, but didn’t because they realised its useless. Same with Pirates. Now stop with this non-sense that Water will colonise armies for gods sake.


  5. your the man funks im waiting for ioio waterkid or some other nerdy tough guy to comment on this comment just for the sake of a good laugh we all need one everyday right?


  6. Icey is spreading lies. Water wants to take out the larger armies? Lolwut? He just wants ACP dead like a lot of other people do. Icey then wanted more attention so he got IW to join the war, he then lied to Nachos, UMA, and AR saying that Water is planning to destroy them next.


  7. Excellent post, Funks. I definitely think with new legends rising, a new era of Club Penguin Warfare will start soon. I think many are just resisting the change. No matter how you look at it, Ioioluk, Pain and Waterkid are all incredibly competent leaders and deserve to be considered legends, whether they are likable or not. Maybe even more competent than Oagal or Boomer.


  8. I see the reason of wanting a change in the top armies. That is perfectly fine. However, I do not appreciate the lie of “ACP dictating armies” and “ACP being at the top for too long.” ACP has not been the same, size-wise, since August 2012. They are smaller than ever and are even lucky to get in the top three, unfortunately. Yeah– ACP have acted as world police before but now they are more worried about getting back on their feet. It’s basically a transition of nothing because ACP isn’t even on the top and practically hold no power anymore.

    Just cut the crap.


  9. Think about it this way
    Color wars : Prehistory
    Golden Ages : Antiquity
    2010-2011-2012 : Middle Ages
    Right now : Renaissance

    We are just entering a better era.


  10. LOL The KKK. Too bad one of our former leaders was black.


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