Operation Blackout: First Look

November 15th, Operation Blackout. This is the next party that Disney is giving us and from what I have seen, I am gonna like this party.

As shown in the preview videos by Disney, Herbert has followed through on his plans to block out the sun. While doing that, he has kidnapped Gary and set fire to the EPF and erected many statues and banners similar to Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. Also there is a ton of snow around so I do wonder if in the end of the month, We will finally get Card Jitsu Snow. What is happening during this party is we have to rescue Gary from Herbert’s lair.

The fact that Disney went to a secret agent party makes me wonder if this was intentionally being released just days after the new Bond movie. Also I do think armies will start doing more “Not-So-Secret Operations” to take down rivals.

Whatever happens, I hope this is a good party and sorry for the short post. The reason why I posted about it and for it being so short is due to a first look. When the party comes out I will have both a first impression for when I first go on and look, and a detailed review when I do a full look around in one post.

26 Responses

  1. First


  2. >Herbert’s goal is to make himself warm and destroy CP
    >Blocks out the sun, the main provider of Earth’s heat


  3. More epf noobs running around. Ph uck.


  4. Now we gonna have Herbert as Hitler?


  5. dude, this is a army site, not chrisdog93 cheat site. delete this useless post now


  6. cool post man, party looks cool, i was an EPF agent until i was around 13 when i joined ACP


  7. i agree with water its not the type of post an army news site should be posting.


  8. To Oblivion and Water:
    Woton himself approved of the idea of CP posts. Many of these parties will effect armies with room designs and new items. Also there are some people whom actually want to read stuff that are not always connected to the site. If you two have an issue with it then don’t read it.


    • well quite frankly its good that you are atleast posting. The amount of posting on this site i quite frankly sub par their are not nearly enough posts about the current world war


      • I know, I am just not active enough within armies to post about it. Got too much to do and this stuff usually lasts longer than 3 days.


  9. work for glofcp.com :3


  10. If we have grappling hooks and night vision goggles, why can’t we just develop a gun and shoot the stupid bear? Shoot The Hitler Polar Bear Partly 2012.


  11. And ikr on the part where you said the educational games don’t do anything.


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