AR Declares War on Pirates *WAR OVER*

Yes, I’m back. Long story short, my aunt (the person who banned me from armies) moved to Chicago because her fiance got transferred there. I am incredibly glad to be back on the site, and excited to do what I love best: writing.

Now, onto today’s topic:

For the past few days, the Pirates’ revival of Order 67, a plan to destory all small armies, has been a huge event in the army community. When the Order was shut down once again on October 30, the conflict seemed to be completely resolved. But, with AR declaring war on Pirates, it looks like things are just getting started.

There is not much information at the public’s disposal yet, as this story is still developing, but on October 31st, the Army Republic officially declared war on the Pirates in Buritodaily’s post, “Declaration of War- Pirates:

Hello AR. Its that time again, time for war. War, oh fun, fun war. Pirates have asked for it, they are going to get it. Waterkid, you are probably the single dumbest person I have ever met.

The Army Republic is now at war with Pirates due to, in the eyes of Burito, their leader Waterkid’s stupidity. The war is a no-allies war, though this rule may be subject to change.

Despite the declaration that no allies shall be called upon during the war, the Light Troops have become somewhat involved in this conflict, because of a post that is certain to be the cause of many flame wars.

The post, written by the leader of the Light Troops, Ioioluk, condemns Buritodaily in the post “Buritodaily: The hypocrite who lived”:

Today I will make one hell of a long post about this 10 year old annoying bastard we all know as Buritodaily. If you’ve been in LT for a while you know he’s a liar, hypocrite and powerhungry leader, but for you that recently joined, you should read this.

The main body of the post are analyses of several statements of Burito’s, some of which concern the Pirates, and others which concern AR as a whole, with the intention to disprove them and confirm that Burito is power-hungry and hypocritical:

LT uses bots and AR doesn’t.

  1. Dude, LT never used bots. Can Burito actually get proof of something before confirming it? No, because he’s a liar. There is no proof of LT cheating, it’s just Burito’s excuse because LT beat AR. And AR is the ones using bots. We have proof of AR using 2 bots during an Australian event.

 AR’s opinion of this post has not yet been publicized, but there will almost certainly be a strong opinion about it in the future. LT’s condemnations and the conflict between AR and the Pirates will definitely make the next few weeks interesting.

Comment with your opinion. How do you think this war will go? Who will prevail? And what is your opinion of LT’s post?



47 Responses

  1. ar are stupid


  2. i say AR and LT are pretty evenly matched, but if pirates need LT to help them, then AR has the right to allies as well, isnt that fair? if AR need ACP we got your back, but only if your willing to help ACP in this war


    • You’re both going down…


    • ha.. camplazlo,

      if you didn’t know, the war(LT vs ACP) was already an ally war, so no need to post that comment. AR has done nothing but always helped you guys, especially with that 9 year old kid named buritodaily.

      LT’s gonna crush ACP no matter what, lool.


      • dude i was kind of not talking to you so you need to relax… why do you intend on trying to make me look stupid when everyone was laughing at you on chat the other day im sick of comment wars and all that BS so why dont we both just walk away dude for real. and ioio im not going to say anything to you im just going to let the war decide that. lets stop ranting on comments guys and ill stop too alright? CP armies are supposed to be fun lets have some fun and go to war.


        • camplazlo, you are a honestly the biggest douchebag i have ever seen

          YOU were the one who started these comment wars, on pirates site all you do is just comment on all the posts i make, even the ones that don’t concern the acp -___-


          • dude, you really need to go somewhere every time you make comments like that i crack up like you dont even know. like ive tried to work things out with you, on LT hcat, where you just went AFK on me, and the ACP chat where you just ran away from me… not to mention on pirates chat when i was trying to tie together some loose ends with you and you banned me? thats a very great sign on weakness waterkid you should know that… and you make posts on your site trying to trash me dude and you try to be so serious and insulting like none of that gets to me, it makes me laugh hysterically like you dont even know kid… your trying to hard to argue with me and you wont give up like stop this already would you? im asking for a stop to this but you keep going with comments like that i dont care whats happened in the past, i dont even see a point in this war, but my point is that you need to stop trying to hard to make people not like me, because its really not working people are laughing at you, myself included. so why dont we just forget about this its stupid and its a waste of time for both of us. if you stop i definatley will, and thats what im saying im going to do, are you with me or what?


  3. Ok Lt will take you down We shine with victory!


  4. We are the good and fight the bad. Go light troops.


  5. all that burito is saying are lies. he just wants troops. Pirates will win.


  6. Welcome back Becca! .>


  7. your aunt banned you from armies?


  8. Im laughing my a** off at the fact about how legit Pirates and LT think they are when they both help each other out at all of their battles. Yeah, you guys are SO legit.


  9. I think AR is as good as ACP’s lap dog. SWAT, LT and Pirates have declared war on ACP. AR can’t take LT or SWAT. So what do they do? Declare war on Pirates. Wow. Who saw that coming?


    • goblin personally swats easy to kill. They have died like 5-6 tmes know because your leaders are getting in fights that ends up badly. Also lap dog? i think not personally pirates have been kissing ioio’s ass from day one.


    • It’s a shame that we stated AR declared war on Pirates because of constant insulting from the other 9 year old also known as Waterkid. I also find it hilarious how you’d involve AR into this mess when clearly the supposed war between pirates [which is now no more] didn’t even have relevance to any of this, the normal.. bickering.. that goes on between the 2 sisters burito and ioio is an entirely different thing.


  10. This is a big year….




  12. only thing making LT sexy is pain… Ioio used to be sexy until he banned me for 1 hour 😦


  13. AR has it’s reasoning, but 1 thing I know for sure is we could still beat pirates regardless. Don’t bring your confidence up based on the sudden changes, for all I know you would’ve just spam’d CP with nothing but naked penguins wearing 1 hat you call soldiers, I mean this from observation and not just random insulting, I’m more logical then you will ever be.


  14. This is most of the army communities reaction when you deleted Ziros post.
    Credits to Jose from LT.


  15. what about you take burito and iceyfeet off the site and stop deleting the good posts?


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