TCP- Coming Back?

Hello CPAC,

There is a big surprise coming from the latest post on the Tostitos’ website.  Lord Pain is planning on bringing back the former Top 10 army.  However, he doesn’t plan on leading it himself  just yet.

Lord Pain, the creator of the Tostitos, is planning the next TCP Generation.  He is opening applications to people who have at least led one Top 5 Army.   The application includes four people you wish to lead with you.   More information can be found Here.

Interview with Lord Pain, TCP Creator

My Questions Are Blue // Pain’s Answers Are Red

What are you looking for in the next leader of Tostitos?

A long term leadership, of competent leaders that can keep TCP consistently in the Top 10 even without me leading.

How long do you plan on keeping the applications open?

Until a good leader with the traits I am looking for comments.

How long do you plan to be gone from Tostitos before re-claiming leadership?

Many months, I am exploring new armies and learning new things.

Not all of us are sure as to why TCP closed in the first place, so I will be generous and share my vast knowledge with you all.  On October 19th, 2012, the Tostitos were shut down by their creator and leader, Lord Pain.  The reason is defined as

“Lately I have been looking in the mirror at myself (soda speak) and I don’t like the person I have become, and I don’t like how people treat me, and I cant take it anymore. My goal since I ever had the simplest notion of leading have always simply been to destroy UMA and ACP. Along that path I lost people who became dear friends to me, I acted like a monster to everyone. Some deserved it some didn’t but I lost any sense of self control I once had. I grew to love uma but I became even more concerned with ACP and that clouded my judgement it became my everything in cp armies. I still want ACP dead, its a fact that they are killing CP armies and one day I will accomplish that feat.”

 Even though TCP’s first generation is over, it does not stop the fact that they have had an impact on both soldiers and armies alike.  They were a Top 10 army with willing leaders and loyal soldiers like we see today.  And now, they are planning to rejoin the scene.  Except now, they aim their sights a little higher than where they left off.

TCP’s Largest Size

TCP’s First Event

Another TCP Event

Another TCP Event

And for now we will wait to see the outcome of these applications.  A big thanks to Pain for all the help he gave me in making this post.  Good luck to all who apply.



7 Responses

  1. 1st k deal with it


  2. Pain over worked us.


  3. Should be interesting. Even though I don’t truly admire Pain as a person, I admire his decision to learn new things. That is always something we all should take on.


  4. Pain should decide LT or TCP, it’s hard to lead two armies at once.


  5. Many people have wished ACP dead and said they’d accomplish it. They’re retired now, look where we are. But, I admire that he wants to get stuff done and is changing to do that. Hopefully he’s a nicer person now.


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