Regarding the CPAC Scary Showdown

Well seeing as a few armies have died or otherwise been maimed (a common Delcrux word), I feel the need to address what’s going to be done and this tournament in general.

Seeing as the Dark Warriors have been shut down, along with the Tostitos, the Ice Warriors and the Doritos are left without partners for the tourney. So here are your options.

1) Pair up IW and Doritos

2) Find two armies to pair with each respective army

The problem is, no such armies really exist, as we’re used up most of the armies we can. Leaders of any prospective armies who would like to join in, feel free to comment.

If IW and DCP are paired up, that still leaves the two without a team to face. If that were to happen, a team would have to be randomly selected to move onto Round Three automatically.

So, Leaders of IW, DCP, and any prospective armies, pleasec comment, and we’ll try to sort this out.

Secondly- I know the Legends Cup was a mess last year, and that most of you think I’m pretty god awful at this. I just want to sort a few things out. First off, Funks had gone inactive during his time as Gamesmaster and I had been shoved into the position. It was not Funks’s fault, and it was not my fault. It was just bad planning and a bad time.

Secondly, there were a lot of politics, per se, during last year’s Legends Cup. I’d also like to go on record and say that I’m not some maniac who purposely looks for armies to disqualify for the littlest things. But I have a short temper (my staff will vouch for that), and frankly, my tournament, my rules.

What Comes To Mind When Most People Hear “Blue1” and “Tournament” in the Same Phrase

Now, let’s have a nice, fair game. From me, from the army leaders, from the judges, from all of you.

That is all.


CPA Central CEO

^ le me once I retire and become some sort of CPAC Godfather

17 Responses

  1. Nochos sign up. We want to be in it!


  2. Pair up IW and Doritos


  3. IW and doritos.


  4. IW and Doritos.


  5. alright well this blows. i guess IW and doritos its better than finding another army to pair with


  6. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! Which Old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!


  7. NO DON’T PAIR UP IW AND DORITOS! TWO MAJOR ARMIES? No that isn’t fair on the other pairs. No offence to anyone but the pairs technically consist with a major army and a medium army ! U cannot put two major armies together! Maybe take two armies from the Club Penguin Small And Medium Army Central.


  8. IW & Doritos ftw


  9. Iw and Doritos


  10. ACP cant enter if need be :P, ACP would like to enter with either IW or DCP.


  11. Just pair IW up with DCP.


  12. just end the tourney


  13. Iw and doritos


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