Reformation Meeting Results || Establishment of the Club Penguin Army Legends Council

As you may have heard, CPAC hosted a meeting on Friday for which a number of veterans and army legends were invited to discuss a means of handling future Legends inductions. We had solid turnout, and got a number of things done, which I will outline briefly in this post.

I.    Required Retirement Period
II.   Creation of Club Penguin Army Legends Council
III.  Establishment of Legends Standards
IV.  Re-Evaluation of Current Legends (Pending)
V.   System for Nominations

I. Required Retirement Period

The first decision made at the meeting was to establish a requirement that Legends nominees be retired. Additionally, a 6 month retirement period was put in place, similar to sports and other Hall of Fame induction processes in real life. Because it is difficult to measure how significant someone has been to Club Penguin Armies, we felt the best way to judge this was to allow for the waiting period to assure that the nominee’s legacy continues even after they have left.

II. Creation of Club Penguin Army Legends Council

There were numerous complaints in the last Legends voting process about how it was essentially a popularity contest that could be easily manipulated by anyone with a large number of friends and a willingness to go chat-to-chat asking for votes. To assure that Legends will be chosen fairly and to maintain the integrity of the Legends status, we have established a committee of people that will decide the inductions of our Legends. This committee, to be referred to as the Club Penguin Army Legends Council, will be comprised of approximately 8 to 10 people with extensive army experience, a knowledge of army history, unbiased decision-making, and preferably retired from all armies. I was tasked with managing this committee by unanimous vote. The remaining committee members are in the process of being selected.

III. Establishment of Legends Standards

The first task of the Club Penguin Army Legends Council is to determine on what basis Legends should be judged. There is not much to say about this yet as it has not yet been decided, however it will likely incorporate the influence the nominee had during his or her stay in armies, as well as the legacy they left behind them once they left.

IV. Re-Evaluation of Current Legends (Pending)

This section is marked pending because a decision was not made on the subject at the meeting. I believe it is important to re-evaluate Legends who have already been inducted once we have established a process for doing so. This would assure that everyone is judged by the same standards.

V. System for Nominations

Coming soon, CPAC will be setting up a way of nominating soldiers for Legend status in order to keep the army community involved in this process of recognizing those most deserving among us. This will include the required 6 month retirement period in order to be eligible for nomination. We will provide more information once this is set up.


12 Responses

  1. and saw unk ioio and rob just evaporated didnt they


  2. About time we created a good system for determining legends.


  3. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I do like these ideas alot though!


  4. Take the ACP pigs off CPAC.

    Boomer: As far as I know, there are no ACP soldiers on the CPAC staff. If you are referring to me simply because I was in ACP 3 years ago, I might as well mention that I also led RPF, WW, DCP, UMA, SSACP, and VLA, not to mention the other armies I was in at a rank below leader. If you want to define me by one single piece of my army career, that is your prerogative, but considering most of what I have done in the 3 years since I retired has benefited the army community as a whole, if you could be a little more open-minded and respectful of others, maybe you could make a positive impact as well.


    • @Boomer You haven’t benefited us much for the last year. You only created AHB [removed].


      When I don’t help: “omg y rnt u doin anything 2 halp us”
      When I do help: “omg ur old y dnt u get a lyfe”

      I pulled this out of spam because it was amusing despite not contributing anything worthwhile to the information in this post.


  5. I am telling you right now, that the buck stops here. There have been multiple attempts to remove people from the legends list, and I will fight to make sure it DOES NOT happen. Leave the people that made it alone, and get along with your life.


    • is that because your worried you’re going to be taken off? to quote you “get along with your life” so you don’t need to care if your a cp army legend, right? :mrgreen:


  6. Half of the legends won’t even be reading this (including Oagal, Person, and so on).

    Boomer: They don’t really need to since this only really affects future Legends inductions.


  7. Then this idea is gone next week.


  8. Re-Evaluations are stupid. Like in American sports, once you are in the Hall of Fame or Record Books, you can’t be removed.

    Boomer: Understood, but Halls of Fame never did rely on a popular vote at any point, or completely change the process by which people are inducted. Also record books have been changed before, for example baseball records set before 1918 (dead ball era) are often excluded from single-season statistics records.


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