LT Declares War on DCP || IW, AR, and DCP Declare War on Pirates and LT

As wars all over the army world rage on, here’s a breif wrap up of some of the more recent developments.

Several days ago, LT issued a declaration of war on the Doritos of CP. According to the Light Troops site, they had originally planned to invade both the Nachos and DCP, as their war continues on. LT had intended to start a free-for-all between the 3 armies, but recently altered their declaration to apply to only DCP.

So me and ioio noticed DCP and Nachos were fighting out a war, we want a challenge, so we just decided to join in this war. We arent joining any sides, we just want to invade both armies and have a free for all between all 3 armies. This war will be special, since it’s a free for all, but if Nachos and DCP decide to team up on us, we’re ready for that.

Edit : The Light Troops only declare war on DCP, and NOT on Nachos. Invasions of Nachos servers have been changed to DCP servers.

At the same time, the ACP/Pirates war was continuing. Just days before, both AR and IW had signed treaties with LT to end their respective wars. Then, earlier today, AR, IW, DCP, and ACP formed an alliance and declared war on the Pirates and LT, essentially breaking both treaties. It seem the plan to act as a combined force to fend of the invasions of each. This move puts enormous pressure on LT and Pirates to form an alliance as well, which it seems is in the works, if only because they are essentially allies already.


So I pretty much had a meeting with other army leaders to discuss and go over a few past issues, and I decided to break the treaty. This means we are at war with the Light Troops and the Pirates once more, and this time, we’re meaning to finish it off. This was planned along with other army leaders after having a meeting with them.


To LT; HAHA! Wrong, you don’t own our servers. We gave our servers to IW for about an hour then they gave them back to us on a land grant. You mad Ioio?

Hello AR! Wow! This was originally going to be a recruiting session but A LOT has happened! We are entering war with LT! We will be aiding DCP, IW, ACP, and Nachos! A lot of people are wondering, “But how can we declare war? We made a treaty!” Lets just say me and the owners of AR found a way around that.


The Light Troops have decided to declare war on us suddenly, this war is not gonna be like any other war, it’s gonna be non-stop action.

Our main focus on this huge war will be ending the evil LT. Let’s give them a EARLY Halloween, if you know what I mean.

NOTE: Though neither ACP or DCP confirmed that they were joining the alliance on their sites, when asked, DCP confirmed it on chat. ACP’s participation is up in the air at this time. The Nachos remain neutral, but are expected to join a side, and seeing as they are currently at war with DCP, it may be LT’s.

So, obviously we may have a massive war lining up here. Various sources have confirmed these as the sides in an alliance, but at the time of writing all information is tentative, and little has been posted on army sites. More information is expected as the armies being posting invasions and other such things, and as others join in.

As it stands, the expected sides are as follows:

ACP/IW/AR/DCP Alliance v. LT/Pirates Alliance (unconfirmed)

Nachos: Neutral, possibly planning to join a side.


Again, more information as it comes on this war.

What do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

47 Responses

  1. 1. This is a news post, my friends
    2. Hopefully this will turn into the World War we’ve all been hoping for and that armies need desperately *wary*


  2. “To LT; HAHA! Wrong, you don’t own our servers. We gave our servers to IW for about an hour then they gave them back to us on a land grant. You mad Ioio?”

    oh god armies like AR ruin CP Warfare so bad…


  3. Blue you so smart


  4. Good post!


  5. Oh god… Saying hello to the next WW


  6. lol Poor Light Troops are brainwashed in what their leader has to say , people like ioio ruin Cp warfare. How can you cheat in a war? lmao…Plus LT’s site is full of bullcrap , LT also always uses Pirates for every single battle or recruiting session. Next you know an LT/Pirates noob will make a comment below me saying” Proof?” Who needs proof? This is war!


    • Retartness level : Off the damn charts


    • hey, i feel like writing a huge comment showing you how dumb you are.

      1. How do I brainwash the Light Troops? If anyone around here does that to their army, it’s obviously Iceyfeet, who claims he’s not in IW but controls everything. Here’s an example : he brainwashed you. Your comment filled with stupid lies made up by Icey proves it.

      2. How do I ruin CP Warfare? Have you noticed IW, DCP, AR and ACP all cheat during wars while LT just wants to fight fair? I didn’t see LT advertising on Riffy’s main chat. I didn’t see LT give their servers to another army 1 day before battle. I didn’t see LT impersonating the other leaders to make people join their side. So your stupid alliance are the ones ruining CP Warfare.

      3. “How can you cheat in a war? lmao…” So you’re telling me there are no rules to this game? Hey, noticed how I said “GAME”? This is not real life. Maybe in real life there are no rules, but we’re playing a GAME, and in order for a game to be fun, it needs to have rules that all players must respect. If we take your logic, LT could just log on ACP’s capital right now and claim it because there’s no 24 hour notice rule. So yea, you can cheat in a game by breaking the rules, something that IW does daily.

      4. LT’s site is not full of crap just because it has tons of evidence of IW cheating during the war. Stop being butthurt. Our site shows only the truth of everything that has happened, and you’re just mad about it because you don’t want people seeing the secret of where IW’s size comes from.

      5. This is a lie Iceyfeet made up, and you believe it, which proves you got brainwashed by him. LT has NEVER used Pirates in a battle, and if we ever did it was atleast like a few months ago, and they were in their own uniform. I seriously have no idea why you idiots at IW keep thinking that we use Pirates. Dude, like 80% of our events are for Americans, and Pirates are an European army. How do you even want them to help us when while we’re having our events, they’re all sleeping because it’s late in their country? And the other 20% of our events which are for European, Pirates don’t help us, it’s just that Waterkid is our 3ic. Just because he’s our 3ic it doesn’t mean Pirates are in our uniform automatically.

      5. “Who needs proof”. Well dumbass, before making accusations, you need proof. When you give a work to your teacher you need to state your source of info. When you go to court, if you make accusations you need to show the proof.

      there, now if you reply, atleast make an intelligent comment.


    • *facepalm*


  7. Yea this is right, you mad ioio? 😛


  8. @Ioio. Says the one who made their army in 2010. :3


  9. this is a world war V


  10. Personally, I feel that any army willing to sign a treaty and break it a couple of days later with whatever kind of loophole they can find was just scared to fight LT alone. Think about it, IW backs out of the war, AR signs a treaty, then IW & DCP come in and suddenly AR is back at war.

    I would say that the sides are lopsided, but AR and ACP share most of their active troops. Wwe will have to choose between dressing as IW or DCP, and if he chooses IW, other DCP will rage.

    Other armies may be looking to join this war as well.


  11. Looks like another CP World War. A lot of major armies will feel obligated to join a side. This should be interesting since it probably could end up in another World War.


  12. lets do it this is gonna be a good war >XD


  13. Great post Blue2.


  14. Just wait a few days and this will end.


  15. DCP:
    “The Light Troops have decided to declare war on us suddenly, this war is not gonna be like any other war, it’s gonna be non-stop action.
    Our main focus on this huge war will be ending the evil LT. Let’s give them a EARLY Halloween, if you know what I mean.”

    Whoever wrote want to obviously rape LT.


  16. The Pirate and Light Troops alliance has been COMFIRMED


  17. Cool Waterkid im ready 4 the war 😀 lets kick there asses


  18. You know you have no life when you argue about club Pengun armies


  19. lol you have no friends dude always on CP army things. straight as a circle got old in 2007 smart guy, seriously just walk away get a life really stop spending time on here talking trash its not working for you dude its pretty embarrasing actually


  20. yea man agreed only reason i am is cuz i showed up in my email. deleted that feature though


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