The Reformation


Ok, so here’s the deal.

Shortly after the results of the first sector of the Legends voting, I spoke with many people, most notably Unknown, Boomer, SaW, Zak and Eyes. All of which told me that there are too many problems in the Legends Voting- and they are right. For that reason, CPAC will be sponsoring a meeting to reform the Legends Page. The problem is that the Legends page has been a huge popularity contest for a long time now. Some of you might say; it’s been like that for so long, why try to fix it now? Because we are fine with things before there are better ways.

The Legends Page, in the past while, may have been called the Popularity Page. It stopped many army legends from being elected to the page because of the public opinion, which has displayed itself as one of the most dangerous things here in the media. That is why I would like to apologize for the state of the Legends Page and the process through which Legends were elected during my time as Head. In no way am I implying that any or some other Heads need to apologize, or that there was any implication that there was ever a problem.

But that is why we try to fix things. To fix things that aren’t broken. So without further adieu, I give you everything you need to know.

Reformation of the Legends Voting

When: Friday, September 28th



Persons Invited:
































32 Responses

  1. Wow. Would ya look at that? Gone for almost a year and look what’s happened. The site has completely changed. Just amazing. Also 1st.


  2. Who’s Albert147? XD


  3. WOO, GO EK


  4. Rio needs on the Legends Page.


  5. Heh.


  6. I may show.


  7. vote = will always have personal opinion


  8. im coming whether you like it or not


  9. Im going to. I mean, i will get banned, but im still goin.


  10. Pochoma1234 should also be a legend.


  11. I may not make it to the meeting, so I’d just like to offer my input here. I think that, if we are to continue Legends page voting among the people (versus doing it among a “Legends Council”), there should be five things that are changed:

    1. Someone should have to have been completely retired from CP armies for at least ONE YEAR (maybe two) before they can be considered as a Legend. This way, people won’t just vote for them because they know who they are or because they lead their army and it won’t be as much of a popularity content. Also, this way, people that are currently in CP armies won’t always be whining about how they should be Legends.

    2. For someone to become a Legend, they should have to get at least 90% OF THE VOTE. I’m sorry, but 65% for someone to become a Legend is ridiculous. A person who’s a Legend should be unanimously accepted as one. No one who 35% of the public doesn’t agree with should become a Legend. This might seem unfair to people who had huge contributions, but who people didn’t really like as a person, but with the “one year rule” people likely won’t remember that they didn’t like that person anyways.

    3. There should be a base limit for how many people vote for Legends to be accepted, perhaps 200 PEOPLE. This means if, one year, when it comes time to vote, if only 150 people participate in the voting process, none of the Legends will even be added until 50 more people have voted. This way, we can make sure that we’re getting the same number of people to vote each year, which will make it more precise and fair.

    4. During the voting, a Legend should BE LISTED BY ACCOMPLISHMENTS ONLY. This means that their name would not appear at all on the voting ballot. It would look something like this:

    “Candidate One:
    – Created FW
    – Lead Nachos
    – Created CPA Central”

    That way, even though people might have a guess at who each “candidate” is, they would mostly be voting just on their accomplishments, not just because they know their name. Also, a candidate should only be allowed to LIST 3 MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Because no one deserves to be a Legend just because they lead a dozen different armies. They should be a Legend because of one or two major accomplishments they had.

    5. Legends voting should be held only ONCE A YEAR, at the same time each year (perhaps a specific date during the summer). No one should be allowed to be added at any other time during the year. There should be a limit of 5 CANDIDATES PER YEAR. There are way too many people that are added to the Legends page lately and it’s starting to devalue the page. But what happens if someone who deserves to be a Legend doesn’t get added to those 5 candidates? They can wait for next year. A true Legend should be able to be patient and realize that, as long as they’re honored at some point, their legacy will be remembered.

    Thank you. I hope that you read this and take into account my suggestions. I think that the Legends page is beginning to be devalued, but I think that making these changes could rapidly improve it.

    One other thing: Stop using those awful titles for each person’s name. They look like crap.


    • Totally agree with everything you said! The “Annual Legend Election” should be on the weekend of labor day, eh.. we’ll talk about it at the meeting. I’ll be there if i remember 🙂



    • Candidate One:
      Beast Philosopher
      IW 2ic
      Only ever been in one army


    • I disagree with some of your points. There are a few intricacies that you haven’t accounted for. And in no particular order:

      1) From what I’ve observed and my own presumptions there is a deteriorating number of people joining (because of CP’s selective term ban), while the same amount continue to retire. This duality and inverse relationship will make the goal of 200 votes problematic. The voting criteria should be a relativistic consequence of population.

      2) Popularity contests are the uncircumventable, haphazard result of your permittance of public polls. The collective masses don’t have nearly the sufficient experience, intelligence, or competency to possess the sort of cognition required to decide. There should be a council.

      3) In a year, the candidates will have been consigned to time. Relevancy is crucial. The only reason anyone knows about Boomer and Oagal is because they have their own self-glorified autobiographies in ACP’s archive-their personal advertisement. Apart from misrecollection, time will breed objectivity and apathy. A candidates accomplishments will be downgraded with nothing but the written word to attest to their triumphs. It lacks the same awe if it were read rather than witnessed first-hand during the candidates prime. Time is the enemy.

      This type convoluted dilemma requires long mediation. I’ll try to come.


      • Vendetta, this is a hilarious post simply because you’re using big complicated fancy words to describe events that revolve around a game made for 6 year olds.


        • I’m an argumentative person. There’s nothing remarkable about what I said. It’s more demonstrative of your lack of intelligence to say so.


  12. I’ll try my best to make it.


  13. If you say that, then you can say that almost everything is baselessly trivial.


  14. I’ll be there.


  15. As I mentioned to Blue1, I am available any day except Saturday, but he scheduled it for Saturday so I’m not going to be there, which is kind of frustrating.


  16. Icey and Alb win!!


  17. yeah just look at the name


  18. yeah just look at the name (pie)


  19. I’ll try.


  20. i can


  21. No no no. Change it. Go to sunday. Now I can’t come because I’m Pacific Standard Time and I don’t get home until 3:30- 4 ish. Make it sunday or make the meeting at 4:30 pst pm or 5:00 pm pst.
    I really want to go and there’s not much legends here to go to the meeting so you need me there and I had great conversation topics to talk about!


    P.s. Change it.


  22. I will go because I am Sexy and you all know it.


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