Recruiting: How It Is Used

Most people know that armies have been on the last thread for gaining troops. CP is recruiting is almost gone due to the minimum recruiting phrases. Most armies are looking for other ways to recruit in order to survive, but are we allowed to?

Over the past few months, or even years, armies have been attempting to recruit in order to survive the slow downfall. Some armies use tracking chats to recruit, others post recruitment videos on Youtube. Some people even ask their friends, or siblings, but are we allowed to?




Although some recruiting methods are only for minimal gains for a single battle, others are used to gain loyal troops. If you look into 2 different recruiting methods, you will see that there are some similarities, but many differences. Although both are attacked for being lazy ways of recruiting, 1 takes more than just a few clicks of the mouse.

 The 2 ways of recruiting are chat recruiting and Twitter recruiting. Both can be used as “easy” methods of recruiting, but there are much more differences that people don’t understand. But first, let’s look at the similarities.

  • Both are relatively easy to use.
  • Both show fast results when they used correctly.
  • Both  are able to give a good amount of recruits.
Both have some good similarities for recruiting troops for the army, but there is a major downside that armies face as an aftermath of the easy-to-use methods. Before we skip to that, let’s take a look at the differences between Chat recruiting and Twitter recruiting.
  • Chat recruiting recruits people that you don’t know, while Twitter recruiting recruits your friends.
  • Chat recruiting has random CP players that can be of almost any age, while Twitter recruiting has a much smaller age gap.
  • Chat recruiting requires no knowledge or work beforehand, while Twitter recruiting requires the ability to meet new people, make new friends, and have popularity to gain more followers faster.
Now do you see the picture? Twitter recruiting requires FAR more work beforehand in order to gain any recruits whatsoever. On top of that, gaining appropriate followers that CAN be used for recruiting requires popularity, which is gained through hard work over time.
But although both methods can give armies an advantage, they have the downside. If chat recruiting is abused during the tracking season, then the army will have a HUGE downfall within the following weeks of the party. If Twitter recruiting is abused with random people that you don’t even know, then the outcome will be even worse, because all of those people will leave after the first battle, creating an even BIGGER downfall.
Overall, although both of these 2 key recruiting tactics can be used for good, they can be the worst thing that happens to an army in almost all cases. The best way to recruit loyal and active recruits is through CP recruiting. Although it may sound like a lot of work, it can be very profitable. Using the right servers and recruiting phrases can gain the army a good amount of active and loyal recruits after just a few sessions.
bye for now,
~ Iceyfeet1234

22 Responses

  1. Firsty


  2. Great post.


  3. Yea, this post would be good if you wouldn’t have posted it right after I caught IW advertising on main chat at Riffy before battle.
    Why don’t you also post IW’s method? : Telling everyone on Riffy to go on a server and turn blue because a mascot is apparently there. You should at least say it in private chat like I do.


    • U neva said der was no recruiting b4 a warrZ?


    • Well guess what, ioio. Two things. One: If I was Icey, I might only use Private Chat when I’m interviewing people for CPAC or when someone tells me that they want to tell me something privatly (Like how I interviewed for Snaily’s blog a few months ago in PC). And two: If you scroll down, you will see that I have ALWAYS wanted to get revenge on you.


  4. I miss the old days, a simpler time, when we could just recruit on CP like its nobody’s buisness.LOL last sundays comic was so right about how CP team saw us. I blame LT for there bloody ACP pics and the purple republic….for crashing servers. At first, CP thought theses “armies” were a fun game. Then cp team saw some bad pictures on LT site. You know, CP team looks at army sites to make sure there “safe”. When they saw bloody pictures, they just blocked it all. We arent even allowd to say an army name on CP anymore. From now on out, ALL, and i do mean ALL, armies will fall and die. Its like a great depression for armies……. CP armies are coming to an end. Furthermore, noobs call us hackers and report us because we say the same stuff at the same time. As a said before, All armies are dead, from now on out. Theres no way we can get on CP teams good side. I even emailed cp a complaint about armies, and they said they were dirty. Really? I was going to reply back, but i decided not to.

    -๓๏๏קเє۞๔๏๏๔lє, TG captain


    • I would e-mail the CP team again and only say that LT is dirty. (Y U USE DIRTY PICTURES IOIO?) Maybe they will then look at EVERY army site’s archives, and only see LT’s site having bloody pictures. I would also say that the reports they get about the armies being hackers are FAKE and that the soldiers just have good timing. They will hopefully reply back to that and say they understand, and then they would allow people to say EVERY recruiting phrase that does NOT involve swearing (IOIO, THAT MEANS LT, TOO, YOU KNOW!), and all armies (except for (HOPEFULLY)maybe LT) will start to rise even more than they are. I would be rather happy if LT unexpectedly got banned and/or died off, I’ve always wanted revenge on ioio.


    • Old days are gone bish.


  5. Lol Icey, I love how you are trying to cover up the truth about IW, how they are such huge cheaters. Everyone knows the real IW and what their “recruiting” methods are. Spamming the whole chat and telling everyone at Riffy that Rookie is there when he really isn’t right? I am surprised by the fact that you aren’t banned, when you should be. Seriously, Riffy is just blind. He doesn’t know that you’re just using his chat and his twitter to get IW popularity.


    • And here is my response to your comment:

      “Lol Icey, I love how you are trying to cover up the truth about IW, how they are such huge cheaters.”
      LT are the only cheaters in CP Armies.

      “Everyone knows the real IW and what their “recruiting” methods are. Spamming the whole chat and telling everyone at Riffy that Rookie is there when he really isn’t right?”
      Actually we CP recruit, but you wouldn’t know what that is since LT has never done it before.

      “I am surprised by the fact that you aren’t banned, when you should be.”
      Banned for doing nothing?

      “Seriously, Riffy is just blind. He doesn’t know that you’re just using his chat and his twitter to get IW popularity.”
      I’m not using his chat or his twitter for anything.


  6. CPAC is really on the down fall. It’s a shame to see such a long-standing site falling like this. There are a good amount of posts and the quality is good, but they are all nothing but defenses of a certain army that the writer of the person is in or leads.

    Really, this started when Riot was hired and made his first post. No, this is nothing against Riot, he’s a great reporter. The problem was that people didn’t like what he posted. Firstly, he started with his “Behind ACP” post. this post was deleted 4 times while Kingfunks was administrator and restored each time. The post was deleted simply because Funks didn’t like the information that was posted, even though quite a bit of it had been proven to be true.

    After the “Behind ACP” incident, we now come to this “Behind IW” thing. When Riot made his first post, he found something journalists call a STORY. There was an accusation and a defense, providing for a perfect news report. Immediately, Icey jumped on this and made an edit about how Blizzard’s picture was fake.

    Since then, Riot made a sequel with more pictures advocating both sides. IW troops immediately jumped on this too, and called it biased and a bad post. On top of that, 2 IW owners, Gord and Icey, have made posts on CPAC defending IW’s actions, both directly and indirectly.

    I am not here to judge who is right or wrong in this LT-IW thing. I am simply here stating that CPAC needs to put a stop to this. In the past few days, there have been only a handful of posts. Out of those, only Riot’s 2 and 1 other about a battle between IW and LT were not biased and used to defend a single army.

    Before some IW troop comes on here and starts screaming “UR LT OF CORSE U WULD SAI DIS U JUS HATE IW”, it’s a lie. I have been in IW before too, and this comment has nothing to do with the conflict, but with CPAC itself. I don’t come here as a troop of this army or that army. I come here as a secondary head on 2 news sites and head of another.

    To get to the point, this crap needs to be cut, because that’s exactly what it is, crap. If you want to defend your army, do it on your own site and hope a reporter will come by and make a post showing BOTH views. CPAC is a news site, not a courtroom, and it really isn’t fair to let the Defense Attorney speak while the Prosocution isn’t allowed to say a word.

    I truly hope to see CPAC back as the news site they used to be soon, but I’m afraid that’s looking more and more impossible. If people don’t start posting news instead of defending their army against accusations, viewers will leave in favor of any other site that my pop up. Trust me, I know how many people feel when their army is being accused and they have access to a news site to defend themselves. It’s tough to not use your power, but you just have to show restraint, else it will affect the entire site.

    Hopefully, we’ll see more posts about this war, not made by an IW or LT member, mod, or owner.


  7. Did my comment seriously just go to spam?


  8. I tried recruiting.
    I apparently saw a bunch of kids playing Club Penguin at the local internet cafe (or what you want to call it.) and told him about CP Armies. I showed him to my army’s site, and showed the site. He said he would join.
    Didn’t do it, god damn 9 year olds now days.

    Even how much we recruit, the new generation of dumbass kids just ditch a army after a day.


  9. Look all of you. I don’t really understand what is your big problem about Icey recruiting on Twitter? In fact, all of the other armies are dumb enough to not have thought about it. We as an army community have evolved from throwing snowballs to doing tactics. CP recruiting is coming to an end, but then why aren’t we evolving? We let go of the art of the snowball a long time ago, but we can’t let go of a way how to recruit? ACP, if you will want more recruits, you will have to begin chat recruiting, or Twitter recruiting. I’m pretty sure in the future everyone will move to Facebook recruiting. Why are you all stopping us from evolving? If we are to survive we will find a way.


  10. Atlast, the work of all chat recruiting armies are paying off, LT, IW, DCP, and AR. Notice how IW were the only army who chat recruited in 2010 out of the big 3?


  11. Omfg, the picture that saies I want you, my teacher has that poster but the full saying is “I want you to do your best on that test”


  12. Recruiting is not illegal. LT is only desperate to find some juice on IW so that they can get allies to help them end the war.


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