Ice Warriors Lose their Capital

(Note: I had three complaints on chat that there are too little posts. Guess what, we CPAC staff have school too and we don’t have all day long to write a post. So please respect us, and we are trying our hardest to make a post at least once every SCHOOL DAY.)

Overall IW V.S. LT war records:

IW: 5 || LT: 2 || Draws: 0 || Undetermined: 1

Jack Frost: IW Victory
Pine Needles: IW Victory
Snow Day: LT Victory
Snow Drift: Undetermined (picture of proof by Iceyfeet)
Sub Zero: LT Victory 
On September 20, 2012, the Light Troops decided to make a  bold move, invade the heart of the IW empire…. Sub Zero. After two losses against IW, many of the LT troops were unsure of a victory, while IW’s average of 30+ gave their troops a spur of morale. When both armies logged on, it was already known this would be one hell of a battle.

The Ice Warriors were in fact the first to log on, however a minute later LT decided to log on too. Lt started out in the plaza, while IW charged in the room with an impressive E+P tactic. The size and tactics of both armies were so even, it was impossible to decide the victor of the room.

LT performing an almost perfect E+G tactic while waiting for IW to charge.

IW entering the plaza with joke bombs while LT counter-attack with mad faces.

Both armies show their colors through emotes.

After a fierce fight in the plaza for about 5 minutes, LT stormed into the docks while IW came into the room right after them. This time though, IW did have a small advantage in numbers, however the tactics for both armies made the room constantly moving. The battle hardly stood still for a minute minutes, as both armies kept each other confused with bombs.

LT performing a tactic.

IW performing an E+G tactic while in the anchor formation.

Complete mass confusion.

After 15 minutes of IW dominating a bit in size, another room change in the battle was to be made. LT moved to the mine, and both armies made the bones of their lines. Both armies had around 20 during the first few minutes in the mine, but suddenly the unthinkable happened. At around 6:25 EST, IW started shrinking, annd after a few minutes only about 10 IW troops were fighting the 20 LT troops. This is where LT took the lead in the whole battle, and the tide was quickly turning against IW.

IW is still keeping it’s size, however the difference in tactics can be spotted.

LT show their mad faces as IW try taking back their lead through a E+C bomb.

LT were able to capture the moment when IW started losing their troops.

LT in a stunning “C” formation against what is left of IW.

The Ice Warriors quickly tried calling in AR, however they came too late. Hardly any IW troops were left in the battle field, and AR’s size of 8 could not compete against LT, who were still averaging 15. LT moved to the Town, the last room where the battle would take place against AR, trying to save IW’s capital. However soon after, the battle was over with IW surrendering the battle.


AR trying to fight against LT.

However, IW will not give up. A re-invasion of their capital has been scheduled for tomorrow, and this is one of the most important battles for both IW and LT. If IW win this invasion, their capital will be back which will bring a spur of morale. However, if they lose, the opposite could happen and change the whole war all together. Bye for now guys, I have to finish my homework. Also, if you do not like my captions at each picture, although I just tried to make this post a bit “lighter”, I will respect that, however, I was not being biased. I was only stating the facts from the pictures. Comment on you opinion on the battle and my report!


Both armies show their colors through emotes.

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  1. nice post


  2. Good Post indeed.


  3. Ohsnap


  4. I like this.




  6. First post on CPAC that isnt biased about a battle I’ve ever read … thats a first. Nice post Yeasy 😀


  7. They got it back.


  8. It was mostly cause of time periods, then they claimed we cheat and started ignoring us, no more servers for LT xD


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