Behind IW: Scandal in The Snow?

UPDATE: Blizzard attempts to make a fake picture of Iceyfeet’s twitter account. Investigators have stated that the text in Blizzard’s fake picture is a different font from Twitters.

Thanks to ioioluk, aviv, jose, kenny, and several others for the pictures

Thanks to aviv for helping me throughout this post.

Thanks to Alb for cooperating during the interview.

I was told by at least fifty people about this event, so I do believe it is worthy of a new installment of “Behind.” I didn’t believe any of this at first, however it did catch my attention when I did some research on Riffy’s site and twitter feed, where IW leaders and creator Iceyfeet has access to.

Everyone in CP Armies know about Ice Warriors, currently the Number One army in CPAC, however, I was told by Kenny, Jose and several others about the events before I decided to post. Sort to say, this is my very first “report.” This is 100% unbiased, as I have never even been on IW chat before, and have no idea about IW standards.

Now, According to several users who wish to remain anonymous, Iceyfeet posted on the Riffy Twitter feed calling to everyone that “Rookie Will be On Jack Frost”, where Ice Warriors will be battling Light Troops later on. Updates to follow this battle later on. Anyways, I have proof for once, dear sir.


Now, I am no expert in Battle Rules, but I am pretty sure this is somewhat cheating…

Now, Joee/Aviv, a philosopher I look up to, conducted this interview with someone on the Ice Warriors chat shortly after the incident occurred.  Here is what he got:

Aviv is Yellow

Thanks again to Joee/Aviv for wanting to help me during this post.

Anyways, I will be steadily updating this post as more details come through.

Ice Warrior’s Side of The Story:

Icey also stated that he posted this tweet the BEFORE the battle. The Riffy moderators also told me that Riffy was never on his chat, and a group of members randomly said that Rookie was on Jackfrost.


23 Responses

  1. Smexy


  2. Icey does this since forever, it’s just that nobody ever looked deeper into his “recruiting”.


  3. u mad Ioio?




  5. IW, what a bunch of cheaters you are. Play fair, since most of the people you have aren’t even real troops, just noobs from tracking chats.


  6. This is really not that big of a deal..


  7. PLEASE put this in the post. I was lucky enough to take this picture before Icey could have deleted it(which he already did)


  8. Okay , so Ice Warriors is the New Acp of 2007-2010. Their’s no reason to be mad about this , unless you’re jealous of our fame.


  9. OK, Someone tell me how the HELL is this recruiting method cheating? I think it is very unique and smart. Call me biased, but there is no way recruiting on CP Chats and Twitter is cheating.


  10. This really isn’t that bad.


  11. Someone frames Icey> All of cp armies freak out
    LT uses bots> No one cares.

    Sad thing ain’t it.


    • ikr.
      People need to worry about how AR get 25 and claim to get 40+

      Even a 5 year old could count those 25, LOL.


      • Oh sorry, I mean’t you guys get 15 and claim to get 35+


        • “LT uses bots”
          i’m still waiting for the proof, it’s been 4 days.

          Oh and Blizzard DOES use bots, he admitted it himself, but he uses them to troll on CP and not DURING battles. His bots are purple and cannot make a line like normal armies do, so you can’t claim we had bots in our line. And when we fought AR, Blizzard was not even at the battle, so why do you even make accusations?
          Geez, just admit defeat and it ends there. As simple as that.


    • Is mad AR lost Toboggan = Accuses LT of using bots.


  12. icey made the edit, not me.


  13. Oh no, Icey is recruiting… 🙄


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