Doritos Declare War On Pretzels

Today the Doritos Army Of Club Penguin declared war on the Pretzels of CP and offically go to war alongside ACP, AR, and the Pirates because of Pain. Click read more to find out more!

Today the Doritos leadership met with the Pirate’s and AR’s to discuss going to war, and as you can see the result was everything they had hoped. This means the Pretzels now have three armies up against them, and it doesn’t look all too good for them all being top 10 armies against them. Below is an excerpt from Alfrondo’s posts.

During a significant and extraordinary meeting, 3 DCP Leaders, 2 CPPA (Pirates) Leaders, and Burrito (AR Leader), have come to an agreement. We all think Pain should get a taste of his own medicine. Lets just take NW for example. Pain tried to pressure me into declaring war against NW and helping Pretzels invade them. Why would I do that, when I am owner in NW, and when we are also allies? I don’t want to make enemies. This is why everyone hates you, Pain. The troops at Pretzels who look up to you and bow down to you are arrogant enough to do that. You are no better than anyone else in CP Army Warfare. Get that out of your head. Every army you go to you ask for leader, and when you don’t get it you get upset and rage. Trust me, no one is gonna give you leader right away. You have to work for it.

Apparently though, you like to make a big deal out of things. This morning you even tried to get me to go against ACP, and invade them too. Why would I do this? ACP is our ally, and just because you hate them, does NOT mean we do. Maybe you will learn the ways of CP Warfare one day.

And now an interview with Doritos leader Wwebestfan.

What do you think of the Declaration Of War on the Pretzels?

It’s alright, my main goal is to get Pain to step down.

How long do you expect the war to last?

Most wars I’ve been in last a few weeks, but this war I think will last 2 weeks.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Doritos are coming for top 3 =D

So do you think their actions are justified or is this turning out to be a case of unfair cyber bullying against Pain? Comment with your thoughts!

25 Responses

  1. Pirates are with PCP.


  2. Why does everyone just copy and paste extracts of posts now, and consider that to be a good post…
    And on another note, Pain got really upset when I said that the Nachos wouldn’t help him…


  3. good a post about dcp about time!


  4. Forgot why SWAT had a conflict with Pain.


  5. Swat didn’t have a conflict with me Ganger stepped down and I was forced to leave the leader position as well.


  6. What does it mean to declare war?Thats a sentence that should go around in a person head who is making a post to declare war on another army.Do they do it for land?Are they doing it to get big?Have there army get back to being a active army instead of a inactive one.Those are usually very good questions.But some of these wars lead into what we called a World War.But that hasn’t happen sence 2011-2005.Yes i’m counting the color wars to, so could anybody tell what is truly the meaning to declare war on a army.Not trying to make me sound gay but trying to see if its a choice you should do or should not do.If you lose the war don’t you end up losing all your servers or have like 4 left like one of ACP and Nachos war when ACP was beating Nachos badly that they only had Fjord i believe and 3 of the leaders retired that one day.I’m not trying to put them out on the spot just trying to prove my point on what is the meaning of War.Thank you for your time of reading this comment and have a nice day.


  7. I am in Dcp… Lit to the max


  8. i like acp but i dont wanna join dem e.e


    But ya about time somebody declared war on Pretzels instead of the opposite


  10. I just lost more respect for DCP, if that’s at all possible. They have joined AR as the official asswipes of ACP.


  11. Pirates convinced us to declare war on Pretzels with them, then dropped out. So now it’s NW, AR, DCP!


  12. i find it funny how the two food armies are at war with each other. FEAR THE SALT! FEAR THE CHEESE THAT AINT YOURS!


  13. Well boys, let’s hope a world war is coming.


  14. Cyber bullying if you ask me.


  15. but…i am in both armies……same rank 4ic…………..


  16. Obviously none of you had any clue what happened. Not even you slider. I went on DCP chat to talk to Mustapha, Wwe, and cul. I then brought NP3000 (UMA Leader) to a meeting chat. We all talked and agreed to declare war on PCP until pain was removed from power. Ek also joined in to listen for a few seconds, so did Iceyfeet and alb. Basically if you want the true sides, or the sides that will go into effect for this war soon is… IW,AR,ACP,DCP, and NW VS. Pretzels&Pirates. That is all for now.


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