The Flying Flag of Injustice

It has been shown in CPAC, in past generations and experiences forever lost in the burnt fabric of what is right and wrong in our CP Army World. It has been shown just how easy it is to get things done, how easy it is to lose the game of Chess in this so-called Online Virtual Game. It has been said that one day, we shall fail. One day, the next generation will take over. One day, we shall prosper.

I am here today to talk about the spread of biased views in today’s world. In CP Armies as a whole, and the world as it is today. No more fun and games, unnecessary posts, and uninteresting political standpoints in our own “political” world of CP Armies.

This post should open the eyes of experienced viewers, so be aware.

The Number One enemy of not only CPAC but also of Smaller Sites themselves is what is known simply as
“Bias”, the deadly virus, the disease that eats away slowly at everyone’s nerves. Every post contains bias, no matter how much you try. Any post, and I mean any, contains some sort of biased views, whether it be open where everyone can see, as shown in Behind ACP 1, 2, and 3; or hidden, lurking in the corners of our very minds as you read the post.

Posts are opinions. Whether news, philosophy, comics, no matter what. Opinions are labeled as bias. No matter how big or small. Take the ACP 3ic Elections Begin Post. Written by a man in ACP, not to mention a man high in the ranks of ACP. His opinions, even the slightest, could erupt an abyss of biased views, just by stating one fact.

Using an example from 1863, a newspaper was shut down in Chicago in the midst of the Civil War for “being against the government” by a high ranked Union General, which I believe was Ambrose Burnside. I could be wrong about the name. Anyways, three days later President Lincoln told the paper to keep on doing what they do, reporting the news, for Opinions make up the world.

Ambrose Burnside

If Opinions make up the world, that means a small bit of Biased Views are everywhere in today’s world.

I admit I have not been working at CPAC long, but since I have been here, every Top Ten written by Bluesockwa1, every one, had rage comments below. In fact, every Top Ten he has ever wrote has had people telling him he sucks, and “punched holes in the wall.”

Blue Did It

Bluesockwa1, in my own opinion, is not using Bias in any of his top tens. I have asked, and even tried to figure out just how he does it. Its based on facts. What he sees. Sizes, Tactics, Wins. It’s too complicated for me, not surprising, but here is Blue1, younger than me, doing this once a week, taking his own time to try to make everyone happy.

Opinion can be broken up into two separate worlds. Biased Views can be almost anywhere. But then there is The Truth. The Truth separates Facts and Opinions. Facts are less common, less “needed” in an imperfect world of what people desire, what they want. I like to think of CPAC as “The Middle World”, where a selected few is chosen to keep people happy.

Yes, Go Ahead and Count my opinions. As stated before, Opinion is Bias, and Bias is everywhere. “Eliminating Bias” has been a subject in everyone’s eyes for quite some time. Do not sue me if I am wrong, but I believe it has been a CPAC post once or twice in the past. Eliminating Bias is not needed, in fact, it would crush the spring of interesting posts in the world. Opinion is needed to spice up a fire in our very minds as we need, to be able to agree or disagree to one’s opinions.

The Goal of CPAC, disregarding Popular Belief, is not to piss people off. It is not to be biased towards certain armies on certain weeks. It is to bring the news. The Facts. The Opinions. Thus is why we have a Philosophy Section, to maintain the opinions that sprinkle through our daily lives.

Moving right along, Opinions run the world. Biased Views run the world. Without them, a Flag of Injustice will rise, ending CP Army News as we all know it.

I have stated the importance of Opinions, now to move on to Facts.

Factual Intentions can be easily shaded over by Opinions, as nobody cares about the details. Facts can easily be confused with Bias, as shown Below.

Fact: ACP has been in the Top Three more than anyone can count.

You Turn That Into: ACP is in the Top Three because the Top Ten is Biased.


Fact: Bluesockwa2 Never Posts on CPAC unless told to.

You Turn That Into: Bluesockwa is too biased, therefore he doesn’t post.


So, your brain is automatically programmed to think “biased.” No matter what is posted, whether it be a documentary, news report, draft, or Bluesockwa2’s Summer Pics of him swimming in the Atlantic Ocean (trust me, you do not want to see them), your brain thinks biased.

I have not even started, my friends. My ranting has just started on this matter.

Biased Views can come from anywhere in the world, not just CPAC, which is probably less than 0.0000000000000000000000001% of the world’s websites. Any CP Army Site is sprinkled with Biased Views.

As shown in this diagram, you can see a fairly decent example of Fact vs. Opinion in an average CP Army Site.

As you can see, the foundation of a decent post is based on pure fact, and the “sweet” candies of Opinion and Bias are sprinkled upon the base to give the “cone” of a story some flavor.

I showed this picture to seven people before thinking of putting it on this post, nobody understood its meaning.

Think of Two Posts, lets call them Post A and Post B.

 Post A has been written by a famous writer, someone who knows what he is doing. He wrote the post, but showed no emotion, no flavor, no opinion. Nobody comments in the forum, nobody has opinions. You, my friend, have plain vanilla ice cream, two licks and you want to throw it out.

Post B is written by the same man, however he threw his own opinions, his own story. He changed some words around to give a kick into the story. If this isn’t enough, here is a clip from each Post.

Post A

“and the final battle is scheduled for next Friday. No comment on who will win. I did interview both leaders, however neither of them gave me anything I could use, so why bother writing about it.”

Post B

“the final battle of the season is set for Friday, July 3rd, at around 8:03 pm. In my personal opinion, I believe UMA will win the event and take the win from ACP and IW, who have worked hard this season. UMA Leader Bluesockwa1 comments that he is not worried about how this will go down, and he is confident in his army. ACP declined interviews.”

If you know what you’re talking about, you would rather read Post B. Why? Because the little tedious parts filled with Opinion spike your brain up in full gear.

But the question is, why does everyone hate opinion if it is the world’s motion set in gear? It’s simple. Your brain processes what opinions it likes. If you are a loyal soldier in ACP, you would disagree to Post B, and say Post A was better, since it didn’t show opinion against ACP.

If you were a loyal soldier in UMA however, you would automatically say Post B was better. Opinion only matters if you accept it as your own.

So, that basically explains the Top Ten, even though it is based on facts.

What about Army Sites?

Army Sites are used for Troops to know what’s going on that specific day. Site News is supposed to boost morale of the Army’s own Troopers, not to satisfy other army needs. So, Bias and Opinion are more likely to spread in your own lovable site than in a hub for cp news such as CPAC.

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

Sono Venuto, Ho Visto, Ho Conquistato

Ήρθα, είδα, μου Κατακτήθηκε

22 Responses

  1. Once again, another marvelous piece of writing from Riot. What extravagance this entry displays into my eyes.


  2. A glorious post.
    Just a tid-bit, I think Ambrose Burnside was giving the last name nickname since he had sideburns (sideburn turned into Burnside). I could be wrong, but that could be it.


  3. *clap clap clap*


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  5. That ice cream looks nice.


  6. This is my favorite post from you. I don’t think much more needs to be said.


  7. Riot you never cease to amaze me. ‘Cept those comics did make my boner shrivel up into a tangled mess.


  8. Good post, I agree, the unfortunate reality of army reporting is that people claim anything that doesn’t support their own cause/opinion is “biased”.


  9. My Riot grew up so fast i rememing when he was a mod in LT D’:


  10. I came I saw ACP conquered


  11. Too long, must get definition *wary*


  12. I came, I saw, I conquered in Latin is Veni, Vidi, Vici, not Sono Venuto, Ho Visto, Ho Conquistato


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