Stories Test Post [Le Dos]

The Symbol of Innocence

By: Becca

Chapter One

“Progress report.”

“Sir, yes, sir. We’ve driven the UMA out of Breeze. They’re retreating west.”

“Good. Now go and find out what damage has been done to the buildings and get an estimate of the number of casualites. Report back to me in two hours.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“You are dismissed.”

“Thank y-”

Mchappy heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire in the room next door. He heard only two shots, but it startled him. His mind raced. Did the UMA pretend to retreat and then send a force to breach the ACP’s base? Did the Nachos take the UMA’s invasion as an opportunity to attack the fort while ACP was distracted? Or was it yet another enemy of his?

The door swung open, and Mchappy saw the person he least expected to see.

He looked like an average military man. Short dark hair, brown eyes, clean-shaven, wearing green camoflauge. But the man had an aura of power. Everything about him- the way he walked, the way he held himself, the way he swept his piercing eyes across the room- radiated pure power. Even though Mchappy was the Head General of ACP, it was all he could do from trembling and falling on his knees.

“Oagal,” Mchappy said weakly. He desperately looked around the room for the soldier he had been talking to, but he had disappeared, so he returned his gaze on his former leader.

“Y-” “You thought I was dead,” Oagal interrupted. “You were wrong.”

“How-” “Did you really think the Nachos could have killed me on that night in Mammoth? You underestimated me.”

Mchappy opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Oagal’s voice, which, if possible, was even more indimidating than his appearance, causing Mchappy’s brain to freeze.

“I thought you were dead as well. I thought they had taken you and killed you, as you were my servant. But instead, you were a coward. You denied your allegiance to me, changed your identity, from Red to… what’s your nickname nowadays? Mchappy? Anyway, you changed identities, and quietly took your place as Head General.”


“How do I know this about you? I have my ways, Mchappy. I have my ways. When I learned that you were still alive and the leader of ACP, my first thought was not to spare you. I thought, ‘The coward. Let’s see what he does when I return to power’. Then, I realized I could use your position to my benefit. So, here I am.”

Mchappy finally found the courage to speak. “So… you… you want me to hand over my rank?”

Oagal chuckled. “No, no, no. Not yet. Too suspicious. The man who brought us out of the Dark Era, being replaced by the man who brought us into the Dark Era? That would cause pandemonium. I must first reveal myself to the empire, let them know I have realized my mistake that brought ACP down, and that I can do better. And I do. I do realize my mistake. I was arrogant, Mchappy. I underestimated my enemies.”

Mchappy dared to speak again. “So… what now?”

“The people, or, more importantly, CPAC, does not know I am still alive yet. We will use that to our advantage until it is necessary to reveal myself.”

Mchappy wanted to point out that he had somehow breached the main fort of ACP, walked through its interior, and shot one of his soldiers. Not exactly a stealthy entrance. Then, he noticed what Oagal was holding. A worn camoflauge baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. A disguise, more or less. He must have taken them off right when he opened the door, Mchappy thought.

“When exactly-”

“Will I reveal myself?” Oagal finished. “As soon as possible. Perhaps an announcement is in order. Reintroduce me and my plans.”

“Your plans?”

“To lead ACP through another Golden Age.”

“Of course.”

Mchappy watched as Oagal put on the cap and the sunglasses and walked towards the door. “Now, do me a favor and make sure your soldiers do not shoot me.” Mchappy nodded. He went to the control panel and pushed the button that would let his voice ring out through the entire premises. He assured everyone that he was fine, and ordered that no one shoot the man who had gone into his room.

Mchappy went to join Oagal, whose hand was on the doorknob.

“And Mchappy,” Oagal said quietly, still facing the door, “I assume you loyalty will never waver again, hmm?”

“Yes, sir.”

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  1. First.


  2. Wheres the part when the ACP soldiers battle with Icey? Oh yeah, that will be darn exciting -goo-


  3. uhhh nice story?


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