Sunday's Paper: Da Funnies

Too Lazy To Type. Two Comics for you today.

18 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Second!


  3. Eh….


  4. BREAKING NEWS! Bluesockwa2 was just spotted outside a local McDonald’s, causing quite some trouble. Our reporters were lucky enough to capture video of this shocking event.


  5. Riot, you’re a good guy, but you don’t need to be doing these comics anymore.

    What I mean is, don’t do these comics anymore. Seriously. You are relieved of this duty. Stick to philosophy.

    And be nicer to viewers.

    Or you will be fired.

    I’m really not joking, though, be nicer to viewers.


  6. riot your comics really arent that funny to tell you the truth. the funniest thing on this page is the family guy vid that zak posted in his comment tbh


  7. You’re trying too hard to make these comics funny. And all of them have been about the CPAC Administration.


  8. These comics are half the reason I even come here


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