Pretzels Return/Pirates vs. Pretzels: Battle for Thermal

Hello, viewers. Just yesterday, after a short-lived hiatus, the Pretzels have returned under the rule of Lord Pain, Subz11, Benjarkin, and Severed A.K.A Eyes521. Already, they seem to be stirring up some trouble.

On September 1st, Pretzels Owner Rex posted the Pretzels’ first event under their new leadership. But soon after, Leader Subz11 posted a Defense of Thermal on the site. The Pirates decided to welcome the Pretzels back by invading Thermal. The result of this battle was quite a surprise, with both the Pirates and the Pretzels having turnouts of 20+ throughout the whole battle.

Pretzels shouting “Fear The Salt”, their army’s motto.

Pirates with a very strong E+8 tactic.

It seems that both the Pretzels and the Pirates did very well this battle, especially the Pretzels, seeing as it was their first battle. However, both armies claimed victory in the end, making this battle very disputed. The Pretzels’ post on the battle may be seen here, and the Pirates’ post may be seen here. Shortly after the conclusion of the battle, Pretzels Leader Severed posted a flame post directed at the Pirates, specifically towards Pirates Leader, Waterkid100. He claimed that “Water only started this war because Sub banned him on the chat, he’s acting so immature of something so small, so minor, that it doesn’t even bother me.” Severed’s post can be read here. After this, Lord Pain posted three invasions of the Pirates’ nation in a row. Pirates have yet to respond with any invasions of their own.

With the Pretzels’ recent return under Lord Pain as their main leader, the Pretzels expect to hit the Top 3 very soon. Following the recent Pirates vs. Pretzels conflict, I interviewed Lord Pain about his opinion on this upcoming war.

Interview with Lord Pain, Pretzels Main Leader

I am in Blue.

Pain is in Orange.

With you returning as the Pretzels Leader, how do you think the Pretzels will turn out to be?

I think we will enter the top five, perhaps remain there for a little while or move up to the top three the next week.

Do you think your war with the Pirates will be a good way to enter the top five?

Yes, wiping out another army especially one as shameful and pathetic as the Pirates will be a fine way to start off.

What are your views on today’s Battle of Thermal?

It was an obvious victory for the Pretzels, simple as that.

What other plans or upcoming events do the Pretzels have?

After this conflict is over, we may enter a tournament, or perhaps enter a more challenging conflict with another army. One thing is for certain, however. We will be chasing Number One like anyone else.

Alright, thank you for your time.

No problem.

Pain also made a post today regarding the Pretzels return, speaking about how he regrets attempting to shut down the Pretzels, and will not attempt to do it again. The post may be seen here.

So, what do YOU think about this war? Vote on the poll below about the outcome of this war. And, until next time, ciao.


18 Responses

  1. hi


  2. Victory is assured.


  3. all u guyz can liek vote 4 pretzels but pretzel will liek die soon so i liek dont care


    • You mean: “All of you guys can like, vote for the Pretzels but the Pretzels will die pretty soon so I really don’t care.”

      Fixed your mistake 🙂


  4. Looks like Pretzels will win the war.


  5. It is quite obvious The Woton Warriors will win. They have been #0 since their debut Last summer.


  6. Its for the good of CP Warfare.


  7. Wait, was that one Pirate vote Waterkid?


  8. “power of the salt”
    what the hell…


  9. My army of two is still the best.


  10. ehem no pain isn’t legend of pretzels OR GT or any other army that he led to the top spots because that’s not all it takes


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