Light Troops Ally With Pirates in War

Just recently, UCCP, an army that recently took tenth place in the CPAC top ten, declared war on the Pirates for making fun of their spot in the top ten, as well as harassing them in comments. The war has been going on for 3 days, and both armies showed great sizes and a few perfect tactics at the battle for Migrator. Both armies called themselves victors, andthe UCCP have scheduled a new invasion: the invasion of Mammoth.

UCCP and Pirates battle for Migrator


However, the Pirates decided a sneaky plan to wipe out UCCP. Since Waterkid100 just recently got 3ic in the Light Troops, he decided to ally the Light Troops with the Pirates to gain a huge advantage against UCCP and try to destroy them. It seems that the LT troops do not mind his decision, and many of them are preparing for war.


Waterkid stating that LT will help the Pirates


As for now, the situation is not very good for UCCP, which might have to fight off the Pirates and LT. More news about the UCCP- Pirates war to come!

18 Responses

  1. It Is Very Nice To Use Capital Letters In Post Titles.


  2. Let’s not use quotes that include inappropriate language.


  3. Funny thing though, because LT actually did not help the Pirates at all in this battle, as the raid for LT was voided/Nullified. So this post is providing voided information.
    ~ Mr Cool 3866 (LT Head General – 2ic).


  4. you used the worst picture for that migrator battle + darth wanted war with UCCP before pirates declared war on them


  5. And there are no interviews.


  6. This is kinda cheap. UCCP just got in the top ten and Pirates decide to bash them and be total dicks by getting allies.


  7. Well Waterkid does like harassing people


  8. Pirates are disqualified we agreed no allies UCCP wins mammoth thank you noobs


  9. idk why but my comments arent showing so i’m going to say this for the third time brooke: pirates didnt use allies, light troops didnt help us in anything and if you check their site it says they cancelled every event that has to do with UCCP also those rules only mattered to those morning invasions, not the WHOLE war, so shut the hell up


  10. Uccp called of war so yea


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