ST and ACP Battle for Alpine

In the second battle of the ACP/ST war, both armies fought for the ACP server Alpine.

Coming off of the highly disputed Battle of Mammoth, this event was a chance for both armies to try and secure a lead in the war. Both ACP and ST had claimed victory on Mammoth, so this battle could have been a deciding factor in who would take the lead in the war. So for both armies, this battle was of fair importance.

Below, ACP Cake Bombs while ST counters with a Joke Bomb.

Below, ACP uses Smiley Faces while ST counters with ‘FAIL AGAIN.’

Once again, both armies claimed victory in this battle. ST Leader Lord Pain had this to say,

Today we had our first of many victorious invasions against the Anti-CP (ACP).  The battle lasted an hour, as all wars do for the majority of the battle ST was winning in both size and tactics and we used more typing tactics immediately placing us ahead of ACP. Thus we keep the server Alpine, this was a close battle and as expected the slaves of ACP did not admit defeat but their defeat is 100% fact on this day as it will be for all others.

ACP Leader Ek had this to say,

The defense of Alpine against the Shadow Troops turned out to be a success. The US division pulled off numbers of around 15 soldiers which is great as we’re still building up. This is a good start to the war and I’m certain we can get even larger next time.

As on Mammoth, both armies claim victory. So the official score remains tied at 0 – 0. More invasions are scheduled to occur later in the week, so hopefully that will change soon enough.


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13 Responses

  1. Wheres the pics of the ACTUAL BATTLE? You have pics from 10-15 mins in :/


  2. acp won becuase i was there till the last and acp won with the pic that proves acp won on the acp site
    i think


  3. Ey Blue stop using the “Read More…” (WARY)


  4. No one deserves to win…


  5. shadow troops are so arrogant


  6. Shadow troops think they won 100%. I am in ACP. And ST DEFINALLY won in tactics and size at the beginning. But I think ACP took over during the end. The picture of ST saying FAIL AGAIN was a fail on ST’s part. ACP definally had more size in that picture. But the picture of ACP doing cake bombs, and ST doing J bombs was different. ST was winning in size and tactics there. Therefore I think it is a tie


  7. Somebody post about the ST coup


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