Pretzels Close for a Hiatus

Just one week ago, the Pretzels of CP were on top of the world following the coup d’etat of longtime leader Lord Pain. However, after a disturbing fall and a forfeit from the Legends Cup, the army has closed for a hiatus.

One week ago, Leader Lord Pain tried to close the Pretzels down to ‘preserve the army’s place at 4th’ The other leaders, disagreeing, staged a coup d’etat and removed Pain from the leadership. After a forfeit from the LC earlier this week, Leader Bluesockwa1 has announced that the army is going on hiatus.

I don’t want to make this long, and I don’t want to make this difficult. But the Pretzels are going under hiatus. Reason being that Jerry has retired, Tymatt has been forced to leave to pursue another career, and Subz and I feel that we also do not have the time.

In the short time I have led Pretzels (around a month), I believe I have accomplished a great amount of things. It was army first, army first always. I don’t regret couping Pain, and this hiatus of the army in is no way meant to or going to justify any of his claims, statements, or actions.

So what is a hiatus? A hiatus means that for the moment, no one is filling the leadership spot- as soon as that spot is filled, whoever is in power may abolish the hiatus. As Brave will be soon returning to lead the Pretzels, this hiatus will not last long. He is free to choose those that he wishes to lead with him. Brave is your creator and true leader- and not only is it out of my ability to successfully lead this army while preoccupied elsewhere, it is also not right to cheat Brave out of leadership of the best generation Pretzels have seen in their known history.

So Pretzels, this is it. I do not regret anything. I wish you all the best and I have to say is veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. As of now, the Pretzels are under hiatus.

Pretzels held a fair spot at 8th in the Top Ten, and just weeks ago were in the Top 5.  Pretzels leader Braveboy returned 2 days ago and has begun planning to rise the army back up to the Top 5. Currently the army is looking for leaders, but remains in a state of hiatus. The question now is; when, if ever will the Pretzels rise again?


What do YOu think about Pretzels recent fall? Comment YOUR opinion!


14 Responses

  1. FIRST


  2. To correct you they were 4th last week top ten sir not 5th thank you for reading this comment


  3. I always win.


    • Then you go “I’m tired, I need to retire, etc.” after the army is high enough because all you can do is rise a army and critisize other leaders that they can’t rise a army when you don’t know how hard it is. Then when you do it, you find out its hard and you shut down the army, shaming us. Brave trusted you to rise this army to the top and stay there. But you didn’t. F**k you, and f**k you again.



    • If you consider getting fired from two Top Ten Armies in two weeks that yeah, you always win.


  4. Rex putting an army on CPAC is not hard, I did this mainly so I could lead UMA without distractions. Had I simply retired and allowed the others to continue they would of turned PCP into a noob army. This I could not allow, so I wanted to shut it down to preserve our glory. It was the only option, and so as always I won.


    • Ah yes, but your plan did not work. I want never gets. You got couped. That alone means you lose. You did not win. Please understand that.


      • Hey Pain, ST is really going to do well with you dude. I mean you’ve got couped in the Pretzels; you were out of leadership, that’s pretty impressive. Now let’s see a replay, but this time in ST! 😀


  5. The brother posts about his brother. Ironic.


  6. I won, because PCP is dead, and if someone leads them again it will be Brave PCP’s creator which is fine with me. As far as I’m concerned I’m done with PCP I accomplished all I needed to there. Pain can never be defeated.


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