ACP Announces New Leadership


Today, in a move that surprised few people, Kingfunks was removed from his leadership position in ACP. In one of the most shocking events of the summer, ACP has fallen down to 6th in the CPAC Top 10. Baffled by their failure to stay powerful, many members of ACP decided that their leader, Funks, was not ready to lead their army. 1.5ic Capncook then decided Funks time was up, and decided to start a Coup of Funks, to try to put himself in power. After being unsuccessful, he decided to leave ACP.

Yesterday, former ACP leader and CP army legend Boomer20 made a post announcing the new ranks. In this post, he said

As you may be well aware, ACP’s Leader Kingfunks4 has been very inactive as of late. Whether due to vacation, illness, or lack of effort, it is not my place to decide, the reality is that ACP has stalled without a definitive leader in charge. One could argue that the recent decline began well before Funks became inactive. While this is entirely possible, we will give Funks the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was not a lack of skill that has caused the decline. This does not, however, diminish the fact that we need an active and highly motivated leader as soon as possible.

Shab, myself, and a number of others spent a great deal of time deliberating on how to address this situation. With the support of the soldiers behind him, and the trust of fellow leaders past and present, we are happy to announce Ekpenguin9 as the new Leader of the Army of Club Penguin.

After asking many soldiers and former leaders’ opinions, Boomer saw that Funks was not fit for the position as ACP Supreme Commander, and after conferring with other former leaders, it was decided that Ekpenguin9 would become ACP’s next leader. Boomer then added,

It was agreed upon by over 50% of the soldiers that Ek was doing the most to improve ACP, and he has thus been placed in a better situation to do so.

Over half of ACP agreed that Ek was the person most likely to get them out of the recent slump they’ve been in. After writing some more, Boomer announced the new owner ranks. They are: *drums*

Supreme Commander: Ekpenguin9

2nd in Command: Kingfunks4, Icey Cold27 [NEW]

3rd in Command: Asdfghjkl888, Empoleon7667, Stew20, Buritodaily [NEW]

In a surprising move, ACP has promoted former ACP leader, Icey Cold27. Back in July, Icey lead for 1 month before calling it quits. AR leader Buritodaily has also been promoted to ACP 3ic. It s evident that ACP is searching for more experienced people to fill in their owner ranks.

What will become of ACP’s new leadership? Will they rise up to the top again? Or will they continue to struggle? Will Boomer ever make me a sandwich? Comment your opinion below!

On a sidenote, this may be my last post on CPAC, and if it’s not I’ll just post this crap on another post. Anyways, thank you all for being such loyal vewiers and reading and commenting on my posts. Good luck.

26 Responses

  1. wat


  2. good post


  3. Very nice post. You will be missed, Pie. Thank you ever so much for your time at CPAC.


  4. Well somebody listened to the lumberjack this time. With Ek leading, ACP will start to slowly rise again.


  5. ACP FOREVAH i support ek and give him all my trust if he cant rescue the acp no one can Dont fail us ek dont fail us

    Acp staff sargent (soon to be 2nd or 1st lutenaich(im in the acptr)) ~lklkkklllkkl


  6. Ek is going to help acp rise.


  7. ACP is bs for letting former leaders pick the new ones.


  8. Rest In Peace ACP


  9. Perish scum.


  10. wow two leaders overthrown in one week = bad week for leaders


  11. What happened to Capn?


  12. Finally ACP still has some Logic


  13. weeeeee Ek.


  14. Funks blew his chance at leader, what a shame 😆


  15. Funks has soiled his cp army career


  16. Ek then won’t handle more Nacho bashing. 🙂


  17. ACP leadership be welching.


  18. Idiots. This leadership will be just as bad. I still wonder why retired leaders would even get a say in things like this.


    • Like how in LT all the current leaders are afriad of Ioio. Plus he picks the new leaders. And he cusses out new recruits. LT is falling because of him.


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