I, Becca, am retiring from all Club Penguin Army activities forever.

Ever since I joined Club Penguin Armies, I was aware that my parents might not approve, especially my aunt, who replaces my mother as my parental guardian for certain reasons.

I have kept it a secret for many months, and she has finally found out after looking at some inappropriate UMA chat messages while I was AFK. She thinks everyone in Club Penguin Armies is scum that I should stay away from, banned me from going on to any of their chats or sites, and is keeping a very close watch on my Internet use from now on.

As is it now impossible to be active in Club Penguin Armies, I am retiring forever. Here are the people I would like to thank:

Bluesockwa1: When I was thinking of people I wanted to thank, you were the very first person that came to mind. You had faith in me and gave me responsibilities when I was an absolute nobody early this year. You taught me things, even at times when you probably didn’t realize it. You are largely responsible for me getting pretty much every position I have ever acquired in CP Armies. But above all, you were a fantastic friend. Thank you, and may your future in Club Penguin Armies be successful.

Splashy: Yeah, we’ve been through a couple of rough spots, but overall, you are one of the first and greatest friends I had when it came to Club Penguin Armies. MY UNCLE WILL CHOKE HIS CHICKEN IF YOU STOP BEING SO AMAZING.

Matt: Heh, you’re kind of mad at me right now, but I love you ❤

Lootking: How’s that CD of all the pictures you’ve taken of me going?

Noka: Haven’t known you for that long, but our webcam sessions were amazing, and we have a lot of…. fun…..together (YES, FOLKS, THAT KIND OF FUN). <3333

Drust: MANSKIRT MANSKIRT MANSKIRT MANSKIRT MANSKIRT. Ahhh, my little stripper pole, my sexy cupcake panda, my angel baby lover. You are a sister to me. I could write a whole book on all of our inside jokes and how much you mean to me. You’re awesomely random, an amazing artist, and an even more amazing friend. Insult this girl, and prepare to be drop kicked and personally sent to hell, though anyone who insults her probably will end up in hell when they die anyway. DAD SAYS, “SCIENTIST SWAG”, Joey says hi. Oh yeah, and MANSKIRT MANSKIRT MANSKIRT MANSKIRT MANSKIRT.

And finally, where you can now find me:

Facebook: my name is Becca LovesSuzie, and sorry that I don’t have a profile picture, my computer is messed up and won’t let me upload pictures to Facebook.

ACP chat/Nacho chat/UMA chat: When my aunt isn’t home, which will only be about 2 times a week for an hour or two.

Adding on to my list of thank-yous (not really) I would like to thank Lord Pain and Samra for talking about drugs on UMA chat and getting me banned to go on CP Armies by my aunt.

That is all,


14 Responses

  1. Hey hope you have a good life! Best wishes


  2. I just realized that l did the same thing. When l went AFK for doing somthing busy, my perents saw an innapropiate words and language, also about sex. They get me in a big trouble so that’s why it my “Private stuff” here. I know what I’m doing but my parents seem to don’t care if I’m chatting people on CP Armies. But thxs for your post Becca, if make me feel happier that way! 😀 Your such a great Reporter, Becca. Well Becca, that’s all I’m saying from now on. But lol l know that Pain and Samra knows about drugs like me. But Samra thinks drugs is good for you, but it’s not actully good for you because taking drugs is making you look so poor but many people think drugs is good for you but what l was trying to say is quit smoking, drugs, alcohol, or any poison of bad use. So good luck on your life and wrvwill remember you as always! 😀
    goodbye Becca,


  3. This day has come far too soon.

    I remember you as a writer on CPASC, with the single-best piece of writing that site had ever seen. From then on you became a reporter on CPAC, and for a long-time I planned that you would make it to the top. Perhaps not immediately after my retirement, but you would nevertheless. Although I will never be able to say this in any more detail, for it’s a secret only you and I know- but never forget that you took the fall for the second biggest mistake of my career. Never forget how much that meant. To this day, I still don’t comprehend why. Loyalty, I guess. It was something I never had.

    Come back someday, if that is possible. Your career is very unfinished here, and there is much more here for you. I will miss you and our way-too-serious political talks, along with just trolling people on chat. It’s been a fun ride- not always a good one, but a fun one. Good luck in life, Becca. I’m sure I will see you again- and remember that your career is far from over.

    “I gave ’em a sword. And they stuck it in, and they twisted it with relish. And I guess if I was in their place, I would’a done the same thing.”-Richard M. Nixon


  4. BECCA ITS A KILT<333 I love you Becca, VERY HDLADKAHDKE MUCH!<3 btw tell your dad That he is epic & should TOTALLY come to Scotland! And tell Joey HE CANT RESIST ME ANYMORE. :3 YOU BETTER BE ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!1!1!!1!!!!!!!shift11!1!1!!1!1
    Love yooooou<3


  5. I’m very sad to see you go even though we just met 😦 and I’m very ashamed that this happened on my chat :/ This happened to me back in 08 but I continued to sneak on and I hope one day you do the same :0


  6. Shame. Becca, you were a great friend, and funny, after we slaughtered our differences. You were a brilliant writer at CPASC and a brilliant reporter here, at CPAC. I hope you can still come back on now and then, as I highly enjoyed your company and sense of humour.


  7. When I’m AFK I always turn everything off my computer. Well, good luck in life.


  8. When you go AFK open a window of puppies or rainbows. And put it in front of da other windows. Common sence people.


  9. I remember when you joined. Bye Becca 😦


  10. Such a shame.


  11. 1. Don’t leave chat up when you’re AFK.
    2. Stare at google.


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