This Week in Review

It has been a slow week for most Club Penguin Armies as many have already started school or went back this week. With school starting up again, it brings our summer to an end unfortunately. The commencement of school has never and never will be a good thing for Armies. The reason being, as you all very well know, it brings a decline in activity which brings a decrease in size and performance.

The number of events this week have already declined which is the reason for the less activity even on this website. There have only been a few big headlines this week, but each army has been doing something in one way or another. With little news and highlights this week, let’s take a look into the small highlights of how and what each of the top armies did this week.


  • Monday: Nachos defeat the Water Vikings in the Legends Cup III to move on.
  • Tuesday: Nachos defend Breeze and Snow Fort from the ACP’s attacks.

Nachos vs. WV – LCIII


Smallest image size ever… :p

Army of Club Penguin

ACP on Avalanche


Pretzels vs. ST – LCIII

Army Republic

Doritos of Club Penguin

DCP’s invasion of Matterhorn.

Ice Warriors

Shadow Troops

  • Tuesday: ST won by default over the DCP on Shiver.
  • Thursday:ST lost to the Pretzels in LCIII.

ST wins on Shiver.

Underground Mafias Army

  • Monday: UMA ended their war with the ACP.
  • Thursday: UMA was eliminated from LCIII by the LT.
  • Friday:UMA leaders Zak and Derek are away, so Mach and Bluesockwa1 are now temporarily leading the UMA along side Coolster114.

[No recent pictures available.]


  • Monday: SWAT had a nice unscheduled training session.
  • Wednesday: SWAT was defeated by the AR in LCIII.

A picture from SWAT’s unscheduled training session.

As you can see, there weren’t too many big headlines this week or a lot of activity from each army either. There wasn’t too much to say about what each was doing, but I hope it was enough for you to be informed on what’s going on around the Army Community.

What do you think about summer ending? Are all the armies going to decline like in previous years? How do you think each army is doing? Comment and let us know!



10 Responses

  1. First!


  2. I like these posts. Keep us up to date on whats going on!


  3. Keep ’em coming. Nice work Puck.


  4. Y’know, the closure of the Watex Warriors, an ‘original six’ army might be a worthy article…


  5. Slow week for me w/ uma despite constantly acting as a therapist to the owners andformer owners 🙂


  6. st didnt lose against pretzels. it was agreed as a tie and we were to next battle acp.


  7. I start school September 28th…i have 3 months of summer due to my countries hot climate…my summer holidays this year last from June 28th-September 28th.


  8. you mispelled anti cp


  9. Purple republic.


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