Doritos Battle Shadow Troops in Cleansing of Parka || Retirement of Hurricanex1

Recently, DCP declared war on ST, and the two armies have been locked in combat.  On August 9th, DCP cleansed their server Parka, but the cleansing backfired when ST showed up to take the server.  How did this affect the war?  And how long will this war last?

During the battle, ST had a slight advantage over DCP.  DCP said they did not do their best but that they would be stronger next time.

Below, DCP did the E+8 emote in the Snow Forts.

Below, ST chants “Fear the Shadow” while DCP does the flower emote in the Snow Forts.

After the battle, ST posted the following picture on their site as proof of winning (click to enlarge):

DCP Leader Alfrondo1465 posted the following on the DCP site:

Today was a below average day. Don’t be alarmed. I have a speech, and it’s not bad. Before I start, let me first start off with I am very proud with all of the loyal soldiers who stayed online the whole time. I had a bad day all day, and the LIT’s and 2ic’s helped me lead. We may have not done well, but tomorrow marks a new day. It will be Friday, the weekend. We will do AWESOME! I want at least a max of 25 to make up for this event. For everyone else, when I PC you saying to come on chat, I would appreciate it if you would answer me and actually come.

Following the battle, DCP leader Hurricanex1 edited the results post with a shocking retirement.  The following is taken from the post on the DCP site:

Hurricanex1 edit: I am retiring. Too busy to lead a cp army atm. Maybe in three months I can return.

This was all Hurricanex1 said in the edit, and those are the only known reasons for his retirement.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  How will this battle affect the war?  Where did this random retirement come from?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

11 Responses

  1. shocking retirement? Everyone knew it was coming.


  2. “Retirment” *WARY*


  3. Hurr retired. :O


  4. Leaving so soon? We never talk anymore…

    All the best, dude.


  5. Gotta love it when every leader retires and returns 3 weeks later.


  6. ^


  7. The guy always returns in a week after his retirement, to lead another army.


  8. All he did was almost get us into a war with AR… other than that he was not active at all. Never came to a battle, so that right there shows that he had nothing to do at all with our rise.


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