UMA Declares War on ACP

The past two weeks have certainly been full of ups and downs, with many wars ending, being declared, and occuring…

And now, the Underground Mafias Army has decided to join in on the action, declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin.

On August 9th, UMA leader Derek, in his post, “Pink Mafias Shall Be Avenged Once More”, states:

Our creator, Lord Pink Mafias, had one goal when creating our army. To be the best, and to fight the great Army of Club Penguin. The Underground Mafias Army fought the Army of Clubpenguin for months in fierce wars, but upon the creation of the Rebel Penguin Federation in WWIII, the UMA were defeated for the first time in our history in that war. Many UMA have been longing for war with the ACP, and many have been opposing it for so long. Well UMA, our time to shine has arrived.

To paraphrase, UMA is declaring war because the original purpose of the army was to fight ACP. Derek also believes that:

The ACP have been a super-World Power for way too long now. It’s time for US and other brave armies to have a chance of victory.

Expect more posts to come concerning the new war between ACP and the UMA.


26 Responses

  1. The UMA’s original purpose wasn’t to fight the ACP. The only reason that UMA and ACP were fighting was because Oagalthorp didn’t like that Pink Mafias cheated on clubpenguin. Derek you should know this you were in UMA near that time.


  2. Why shall we discuss the past, the future is what shall be discussed.
    ///being rushed to post and not giving a sh*t about facts


  3. Go UMA I hope its a fun war!!!!


  4. YES.


  5. Pretzels&Uma FOREVER. Uma we can win.


  6. i’m joining the armies that’s in war with ACP


  7. woohoo go UMA and nachos keep on the pressure


  8. Nice post, maybe add an interview.


  9. War war war. :O


  10. Ive only gotten 1 nasty pc so far (chew) thats a first


  11. There is no such thing as a “breaking news” post. Do not include it in your post title.


  12. another war really uma keep in mind what happiend to LT


    • Keep in mind that LTs leader was under stress and shut his army down? No matter what you think ACP didn’t “kill LT”. (chew)


  13. oh my god frigido your sounding like ACP will crush them like LT ok let me explain ioio shut down LT under stress this wasnt anything about ACP 2nd of all ACP are criminals in warfare


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