Legends Cup Round II- Day 4 Results

The LC continued today with another two battles. Results are below.

Battle 1: Pretzels vs. Global Defenders

Winner: Pretzels

In the closest battle of the Legends Cup thus far, the Pretzels take home the victory. Pretzels dominated in size for the first 20 minutes of the battle, but their tactics were dubbed below par. In the last ten minutes, GD’s size improved and the armies were completely even. In the end, Pretzels took home the win and will go on to face the Shadow Troops in Round III.

Battle 3: Shadow Troops vs. Rebel Penguin Federation


Winner: Shadow Troops


The ST pulled out the victory in what was supposed to be a close battle. However, recently the RPF was put under haitus until further notice, along with the retirement of leader Cewan and 2ic ATM. The Shadow Troops will go on to face the Pretzels in Round III of the Legends Cup.

The current bracket stands as such:


Legends Cup Gamesmaster


5 Responses

  1. Nachos v. WV?
    Save our souls D’:


  2. st against pretzels? this is gonna be fun XD




  4. The Pretzels are a large army, not medium and our face off against ST will be a close one.


  5. LMAOO.. Holo is ST leader, and a former PRETZELS leader. This shall be fun 😀


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