Top Ten Armies: 15/05/12

❗ Sorry about the change of rules that Monday will go towards the closer top ten. ❗

Welcome to the third top ten of May, just 11 days from my birthday! There are three new armies in this top ten list.

Top Ten Armies: 15/05/12

1. Army of CP [+0][89.23]

-World Power-

2. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0][83.97]

3. Nachos [+2][78.78]

4. Doritos [-1][72.24]


5. Shadow Troops [NEW!][69.69]

6. Tacos [NEW!][65.27]

7. Light Troops [-1][59.64]

8. Ice Warriors [+1][50.12]

9. Metal Warriors [NEW!][47.56]

10. Ninjas [-4][39.76]

Close to the Top Ten:

  • Fort Ghost Recon [11th]
  • Golden Troops [12th]


  • Delta Army [13th]
  • Pizza Warriors [14th]
  • Puffle Warriors [15th]

1. Army of CP: The ACP continue to stay in the top position after several USA and UK victories against the SWAT, despite the SWAT claiming that the ACP spied and it was against the set rules. However, the ACP claimed there were no rules to follow in CP warfare. The ACP are still at war with the SWAT and look to beat them like they did in the past wars.

2. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT have claimed they have won more battles than the ACP due to spying and ‘use of allies’ but the ACP say there are no rules against spying and that the SWAT were spying themselves. They have been averaging sizes of 35 at some battles and have been staying fairly clear of Nachos and losing ground on the ACP in first.

3. Nachos: The Nachos had a stunning event on Monday with sizes of 30 – 35 and performed good tactics to match those above-average sizes. There have been signs that the Nachos will be declaring war on SWAT, for them going onto Sleet for the ACP/SWAT battle. They have a cleansing and PB with the GT to come and they are looking rather busy for this week.

4. Doritos: The DCP are still at war with the Light Troops and both armies have gone down one spot since the last top ten. They averaged about 30 during this week and yet again they have improved their tactics to a higher standard in their bid to beat the Light Troops in their tense war. The DCP have been lending servers to the PW in their war against the ST but the PW have soon lost those servers.

5. Shadow Troops: The ST are back in the top ten with a straight entry into the Top 5. They are currently at war with the Puffle Warriors and Metal Warriors and have won most of those battles easily. However they did lose the invasion of Vanilla and defence of Parka. The ST could be at war with SWAT soon due to different conflicts. Also Unk has demoted himself to remove blame for a possibly fall.

6. Tacos: The Tacos have come out of no-where to re-enter the top ten and almost get a straight passage into the top 5. This is led by Np3000 and Billymays, like the last successful generation and they have already managed sizes of 20 – 25. These sizes were against the former top ten army, the Golden Troops and the GT said the Tacos did very well at that battle.

7. Light Troops: The LT didn’t have a bad week and it is about par to the week before however several armies have risen and take the spots above the Light Troops. The LT have also improved their tactics but have lost a lot of battles against the top 5 army, Doritos. The LT are still at war with the DCP but they are not entering the top 5 from this war yet.

8. Ice Warriors: The IW still can’t manage to get out of this small slump and they are still far off the top 5 list. They only had one event where they had about 15+ and good tactics however they have a total of three events scheduled for the weekend, a practise battle with the GT, a practise battle with the AW and a training session to top it all off. Can the IW rise back again?

9. Metal Warriors: The MW have risen back into the top ten with sizes of around 15 against the ST in their invasion of Parka with the Puffle Warriors. They are currently in a small war with the top five army as a part of the UWA alliance. The Metal Warriors have no events scheduled but they do have a defence against the Shadow Troops.

10. Ninjas:  Wow… after a small rise the Ninjas have fallen back down to the bottom of the top ten after only managing 10 – 15 with perfect tactics. Like the metal warriors the Ninjas currently have no events scheduled for the weekend and are still not in a war after a long time without a war. The Ninjas are just looking to rebuild after their fall but it’s not working at the moment.

Well done to the 10 armies in this top ten list and better luck next time to any armies close to this top ten list. If your army is rising or getting 10 – 15+ please comment and give a link please. Thanks.
-Kingfunks4 CPAC Head of Site


40 Responses

  1. Firrrrrrr


  2. sttt


  3. One again, we beat Iceys forces of Booyahness.


  4. Damn, FGR have to improve. Nice top ten, btw.


  5. 69.69
    horny funks


  6. I thought Mondays didn’t count? Either way, noice top ten 😛 I think Ninjas/MW and ST/Tacos could be debatable though. =D


  7. How is LT 7th…


  8. Nice top ten.

    Expect FGR to be higher up the top ten next time…


  9. My one complaint is that nachos should be higher than swat, we have around 10+ more than they do in their picture.


  10. Nobody have been calling posts biased for a while o.O




  12. Thanks for making ACP #1! :mrgreen:

    Also, I think there should be like a new “rule” for rising armies. It’s really annoying to see armies be in the top ten for one week (and get like above the top five) and then to decline and not be in the next few top tens. It’s also unfair to the other armies that have been in the top ten for a while. You need to work to get to a higher spot.


    • in other words, Put AW in the top 10 right Mchappy? Good job ST!


      • Well sort of. AW went from fourth to out of the top ten. I just don’t understand how an army can leave that fast and another get in so fast. We need a more organized way, and official, to bring in new armies.


  13. What happened to AW?


  14. I be you are reading this right now.


  15. Why not just do Top Tens once a month? It would show more. I’ve seen many armies that rise to the top ten and fall all in less than two weeks. Pink Ice, for example.




    • Please refrain from using capital letters, many people read it as shouting, and it hurts our ears so badly.


  17. SWAT’s the size of LT and Tacos… Even a bit smaller…


    • Very funny. Count the emotes in the pictures. LT and Tacos have around 15 and SWAT has a little more than 20


    • SWAT is higher in the top ten due to chat activity,site activity,tactics,and size.

      SWAT are overall more active,and have better size,and tactics then Tacos and LT.


  18. HI


  19. Why didnt you say congrats for dcp?? We have LTs capital and SWAT i would NEVER EVER join you


  20. Nachos are doing better than ACP and SWAT right now.


  21. how is LT 7th they shoul at least be 6th


  22. So where is TG? 16th?


  23. LT should be 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. lol no they lost their capital


  25. ACP is lieing on their site! They said they won Cabin! SWAT did! Tell them to stop lieing and admit defeat!


  26. ar is not better thann LT they just posted a pic from 2 weeks ago


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