Why Armies Need Spies

It’s been a while since I posted, and I apologize for that. This post was written over a long period of time, so I also apologize if it is somewhat scattered. However, let’s get on with the post.


The post that follows is highly opinionated and may not be entirely factual. Viewer discretion is advised.

Spies. The concept has existed in various forms throughout all of our armies. And I’m not talking about the random guy who comes on and says “IM GONNA GO SPY ON THE ENEMY CHAT”. I mean real spies. In this post we’ll take a look at spies in armies, and then get to the truth about them: why they are far more important than you may think, and why we cannot afford to eliminate them.

The Golden Age of Spying

Spies have existed since the very creation of armies, and in fact during the Golden Age spying was at its peak. One of the best known cases of covert operations in an army occurred in early 2009, a time few will now remember. RPF was still in its prime, with Commando at the helm. Boomer20 led ACP (his first term). Commando assigned a high-ranking RPF soldier, Sergie, to infiltrate ACP. Sergie was to stick around until he reached a powerful rank in the army, and then delete the site.


  • Send in someone to ACP, as a spy.
  • The spy gets up in ranks. Becomes ambassador.
  • Makes a page in the middle of the night linking to Fever’s site.
  • By the terms of service of wordpress, making the ACP site banned due to having contact with [Fever]’s site.
  • RPF gets more reputation, ACP falls.

The plot was discovered and foiled by ACP before it succeeded, however, RPF came close, and the event sparked a World War which lasted for several days. With no official battles fought, many do not consider it a war. However, during this time, there was incredible rouge fighting all over CP. All because of one spy. A spy who, if successful, could have torn the one of most powerful armies apart.

Further reading on this can be found here, here and here.

Some of our older veterans will also recall another major spying event, though this one was an entire army. Yes, I am speaking of the SSACP. Mazachester’s Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin was, for some time, a major force in armies. They’ve had a few generations since, however, they officially closed for good some time ago. Maz has stated that they are not to be recreated.

These are just some of the most famous examples of army spies, not to mention the countless sy based armies like SSACP, or the many Secret Agencies employed by Top Ten armies through the years, like RPF’s F.E.A.R. and C.O.B.R.A., or ACP’s Op D1 and SIS. The rich history of spying in armies begs the question – why are people now banning spying from battles and armies?


Spying Today

These days, spying is far less prominent. Many armies still retain such secret agencies as before, though their Classified names cannot be revealed. These agencies do much less than before, and complex operations are much rarer. It is not uncommon for armies to ban spying from battles, something I find curious.

…if any of you are caught spying on any chat you will be punished.

…Regular Rules…No Spying…

…LEGENDS CUP…must follow these rules or they may face disqualification…no spying…

Spying bans, these days, are not uncommon. And these are only a few of the examples I found.

I decided to ask a few soldiers what they thought about spying in armies. Here is what I found.

What do you think of spying in armies?

1. Kingfunks4, CPAC Head, PW Leader, ACP 3ic: There’s nothing wrong with it. People spy in real life.

2. Rapidy, Former ACP Leader: I think it’s valuable. You never know how much information you can get by going inside the army until you try.

3. Ganger90, SWAT and GT Leader: It doesn’t make a catastrophic difference, really.

4. Sercan, Former GT Leader: It should be allowed. It exists in real life warfare too.

As you can see, many people are supporters of spying. So why do so many ban it? Now, it’s time for my argument.


Banning spying in war or battles is essentially a cowardly move. People don’t want to have to deal with the possibility, so they just outlaw it. I know many are in favor of simplifying armies, taking away the flame and politics, however, simpler isn’t always better. Spies force you to carefully safeguard your plans, thus increasing the effectiveness of them, since armies won’t see it coming. They also add another level of realism and, I believe, fun. I enjoy the complexity and politics, and I think spying is a tactic too often ignored nowadays.

Spying is a crucial part of our history, and one that I would like to see returning to prominence. I encourage armies to explore resurrecting spies and spying divisions. I think you will find that it is not only an effective tool, it will also help make your soldiers more mature and successful. (Many of the greats in ACP, for example, went through SSACP.) The bottom line is this: spying is not one of the things armies are better off without. They keep armies interesting, they keep leaders on their toes, and they bring in recruits.

What do you think? Comment YOUR opinion on spying!

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CPA Central Head of Site

17 Responses

  1. I think spying should come back, it’d be fun.


  2. 1st i think spying should be allowed its fun and isnt that what CP armies are supposed to be?nice post


  3. Spying is useful


  4. I posted about this ^_^


  5. Spies are an essential part of warfare, whether it be Club Penguin or real life. They are just generally assumed to exist. When in battle, one of the most common things you’ll see on an army chat is moderators and owners trying to figure out if there are spies on their chat. I see nothing wrong with spying, whether it be learning what tactics will be used in a battle or a long term major operation. I don’t think that spying during a battle is very useful though. Sure, sometimes it may give you an advantage, but if your army isn’t good enough to beat the army you’re facing, knowing what type of charge they’re about to do won’t help much. Obviously if a spy is found, they’ll be punished, but it’s not something that should be banned on an army wide scale.


  6. Great post. I agree with you 100% – Politics and spies have always made armies more interesting.

    I look forward to reading your next post!

    -Andy the Lego


  7. People seriously thought serious spies left? lulz


  8. Spying is fun and is used quite regularly.


  9. I think spying is hard it can make or brake a army listen to me if someone sent division of 6 into a army that makes that army stronger and if there plan works and they sabotage the site the other army wins and might get more people to join or if it fails people will not want join that army because they spy other armys and they might be in war with this other army and that army might die think about it?



  10. I think spying should come back. It would be fun and MAYBE a little challenging, but I like challenges.


  11. How would the ACP site get banned for being in contact with Fever’s site? I don’t get it xD


  12. ‘No spying.’ Who can regulate that? Spying is fun. There are still secret spying organizations.


  13. Just so the LT knows, that ACP’s SIS is hanging around there as a mod.


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