CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Metal Warriors vs Team Gold

This was fairly easy for one army and I was disappointed in the battle that could and should have been the battle of the tournament.

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2012: What’s ahead?

The end of the world, duh.

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CPAC Christmas Chaos: Quarter Finals

❗ The Next Round is Today (31st) ❗

Skloop: I, the great Godfather, have re-added the staff HoF to the Legends page.

After the first round of the tournament, we will have the Quarter Finals of this amazing tournament. Click ‘Read More’ for the information.

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The sequel to my other post: Stupid ways to have war now

As armies, they strive to make the best reasons for declaring war. Take for example, World War III, when Oagalthorp, leader of ACP, declared war on Pink Mafias over UMA’s alleged CP hacking. But nowadays, 60% of the wars declared have some of the most stupidest reasons ever. I am not going to name SPECIFIC armies in this post, but I can tell you some of the things I’ve seen. First of all…

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CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || NFF vs. DW

As the sky went totally bonkers, the stage was set for a very close battle between the Ninja Freedom Force and the Dark Warriors. But only one could come out on top. And that army is…. Continue reading

CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Sun Troops vs Ninjas

In a rather sad battle for a former CPST leader to watch, it was rather one sided as the Ninjas took victory.

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CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Sky Troops vs Watex Warriors

Overall this was a very close battle, but not the most exciting battles as two smaller armies battled out for a place to fight the ACP.

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CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || ACP vs. Elites

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CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Nachos vs CP Crew

Well, I’m going to come right out with it. Nachos won.

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Top Ten Armies: 29/12/11 || CPAC Annual Awards: The Results

It’s the last top ten of the year and the order has had a huge change with armies falling and rising.

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Battle Report: ACP’s Defence of Breeze

Battle Report: ACP’s Defence of Breeze


Hello CPAC its James/Alfy3 with another report, today I am reporting on yesterday’s defence of Breeze by ACP against the DJ’s of CP and LT. Unfortunately neither army showed up, however ACP showed grand numbers and great tactics as you will see in this article.

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Enjoyment In Armies & Other Stuff

Hai everyone, Splashy here, for the third time I believe? Anyways, this post focuses on enjoyment levels in armies, how much fun soldiers can have, and why armies need to have fun once in a while. We’ll also touch on some other subjects, such as how armies prepare for tournaments. This introduction should make you want to read more. If it doesn’t, tell me. There may be something wrong with you. Maybe not enough enjoyment levels? Continue reading

BA and the Tacos: Is a war brewing?

Hello everyone my name is James/Alfy3 and I am CPAC’s newest reporter! I hope you enjoy my first article because its one I enjoyed writing alot.

The BA and the Tacos: Is a war brewing?


By now most of us have heard of the newest generation of former great CP Army, “The Tacos” that were created just a few weeks back. But it has been a rough start for the tacos including war being declared on them by the UMA on the Tacos second day of existence. But it seems it’s not only UMA that has a bone to pick with the Tacos.

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The Process of Making A Top 10

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The Rebel’s Scandal – Finale

Here it is. I wish this wasn’t over, but it is. Here are the final four chapters + epilogue of “The Rebel’s Scandal”.

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