CPAC Christmas Chaos || Quarter-Finals || Ninjas vs NFF

In a great battle, only one could leave victorious.  It was………

The Ninjas!  In a very hard-fought battle where both armies absolutely all out there and strut their stuff extremely well!  Here are the pics.

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Size: 15-20 range

Tactics: Most troops, very good.


Size: 10-13 Range

Tactics: Fairly poor, few troops

Ninjas rating on scale of ten: 9.5

NFF rating out of ten: 8.0

4 Responses

  1. our tactics sucked.we lost 25-10 rather than like the 2nd one better.for all you ninjas,dont brag;it’ll just add fuel to the fire for our next battle.and i dont give a crap about being first.


  2. 2nd


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